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Events Australia: Smorgancon 2019 - National Treasure


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Event Title: Smorgancon 2019 - National Treasure
Event Author: MrCharisma
Calendar: Events Australia
Event Date: 01/13/2019 09:00 AM to 01/13/2019 05:30 PM

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/2158802224359500/

Location: Good Games Melbourne, Level 1, 365 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia 3000


A Warhammer: Age of Sigmar event!

Cost: $25 per head (including swag bag) payable to: samuel.morgan87@gmail.com (please include your name and Smorgancon in the description)

Player cap: 24 - Note: we've hit the cap, wait list is now live 

Players pack: we will be using the Cancon Call to Glory player-pack in its entirety, please note this includes the requirement for all models to be painted! 

This event will be updated once Cancon scenarios and realm rules are known. 


9.15 – 9.30 Registration

09.30 – 12.00 Round 1 Scenario: Three Places of Power Realm: Hysh

12.00 – 12.30 Lunch 

12.30 – 15.00 Round 2 Scenario: Border War Realm: Shyish

15.00 – 17.30 Round 3 Scenario: Knife to the Heart Realm: Ghyran

Prizes: Trophies for first, second and third place. Best painted as determined by a popular vote.

Payment is now open and will close 10 January or when we cap out (whichever happens first). Details as follows:
PayPal: samuel.morgan87@gmail.com

If you were born prior to 1980 and don't have PayPal message me for direct deposit details. 

Paid player list:
1. Sam Morgan
2. Nick Hoen
3. Nick Gentile
4. Lachie Mulch-cakey 
5. Chris Cousens
6. Ranjith Jayasinghe
7. Adam Kakwah
8. Rhys McGlinn
9. Jarrad Coots
10. Christian Wear
11. T. Kennedy
12. Ian Vincent
13. Pat Nevan
14. Ollie Price Reeve
15. Joel McGrath
16. Peter Atkinson
17. Daniel Carroll
18. Richard Knight
19. Stuart McCowan
20. Adam Burt
21. Brendan Dougherty
22. Ryan Kirby 
23. Chris Groh
24. William Knight
25. Ben Zagami
26. Lance 
27. Marcus Krigsman
28. Brad William 

Wait list:
- ****** Stewart
- Nat Hunt

Smorgancon 2019 - National Treasure

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