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London 2019 Super League, Jan 1st - free entry

Marc Wilson

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What is it?

A year-long regional Age of Sigmar 2000 point, matched play competition comprising of two group stages culminating in a knockout competition. Games are first played within your immediate club or group before breaking out into a wider competition for later stages. This is a light-touch, non-commercial, non-affiliated, community competition with original foundations in our club whatsapp chat!  It’s free and you can play how it best suits your group within loose parameters.

How will it work?

Players will be drawn into 5 person groups, comprised of players within their club, group or area. After these four games are played the top three will qualify for ‘The Cup’ group stage, the bottom two for ‘The Plate’ group stage. New players joining after the season begins may enter ‘The Plate’ at this stage.  The top three players from each of these groups will then go into the separate knockout competitions for ‘The Cup’ and ‘The Plate’

What about my list?

Lists will be locked upon submission but a player will be permitted to change their list before the second group stage, and before the knockout stage. A swiftly reticent player may also ‘burn’ their list after 1 game in either group stage by sacrificing points. Lists are open and public.

What are the dates?

Dec 31st – List submission deadline
Jan 15th – Apr 15th First Group stage (4 or 5 games)
May 1st – July 31st Second Group stage (3  or 4 games) – New players may enter at this point
August 15th – December 1st  Knockout Stages (Post GHB 2019?)

Where can games be held?

Anywhere, anytime – within the windows. Your club, another club, at home, in-store, an impromptu one-dayer event to fulfil fixtures or even meet up as a grudge at a major tournament. It’s up to you.

Where can I see / enter results?

Players will be able to self-submit to our competition in Tabletop.to where all the scores, tables, fixtures, lists and stats will be held. Use the hashtag #aossuperleague to follow what’s going on.

Is there a charge?

It’s free, although you may want to donate a £1 or 2 to tabletop.to who’s platform this will be based on. You’ll find a button on there.


It’ll be submitted to Baddice rankings at the end of the season, probably merged & collated across all players.

More info?

BETA 'pack' here.

aossuperleague@gmail.com         @WarbossWilson           Marc Wilson (TGA)




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