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Events UK: Northern Invasion GT 2019


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Event Title: Northern Invasion GT 2019
Event Author: @aosbatrep
Calendar: Events UK
Event Date: 07/13/2019 09:30 AM to 07/14/2019 04:15 PM

Northern Invasion GT 2019

Northern Invasion returns in 2019 for the fourth time at Common Ground Games in Stirling. 

Currently Sold Out - please comment below if you want to be added to the reserves list

Entrants will play 5 matched play games of 2000pts using the army selection rules from the General’s Handbook. Scenarios will be assigned to pools and will be drawn in advance of each matchup. 

Whilst full details will be included in the draft pack, which will be released in late April, artefacts from malign sorcery will be in play and armies should originate in one of the realms. Realmscape features will not be used as the North Isles weather table will return. Only generals from a specific realm can use the command abilities associated with the realm.

Realms will be determined randomly before each game and each will only be used once. If the malign sorcery expansion is superseded before the pack is finalised in mid-June, it will not be used. 

Tickets cost £35 including lunch on both days and donuts to get you going each morning. A maximum of 50 tickets will be available, although a reserve list will be established once the event is sold out. Payment should be made as a friends and family transfer via www.paypal.me/stuwest (it’s fine to transfer as goods and services but you’ll need to add 10% to cover fees I’m afraid). Refunds minus £5 are available until 13 June but not after that as prizes will have been purchased.

There will be plenty of prizes and the free raffle will make a welcome return. We intend to stream Northern Invasion 2019 - further information on this and our sponsors will follow soon.

who will be crowned the 2019 Thane of the Isles and who will bear the Badge of Shame?




Northern Invasion GT 2019



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event has sold out
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1. Shane Kingston 

2. John Harper

3. Grant Fraser

4. Sean McKechnie 

5. Andy Currie

6. kev Low

7. mike Callaghan 

8. Adam Rawson 

9. JP Ganis 

10. John Craig

11. David Nemeth 

12. Kat Fekete

13. Liam Watt

14. Scott Smith

15. Duffy

16. Ross Joyce

17. Richard Strachan

18. Craig Graham 

19. Iain Hunter 

20. Paul Di Duca

21. Chris White

22. Leigh Martin 

23. Gary Pollock 

24. Will Pollock 


26. Richard Elsdon

27. Martin Swaffield 

28. The Northern Master

29. Phil McGuinness

30. Rufio Symes

31. Rufio +1

32. Johnny Forde

33. Grant Mudie

34. Callum Sinclair. 

35. Andrew Stephenson

36. Josh Richardson 

37. Mathew Harrison

38. Erik Bews

39. Paul Whitehead 

40. Luke Whitehead 

41. Niall Campbell 


43. John Bayliss 

44. Stephen Rammage

45. Jamie McHugh

46. Matt Rennie

47. Johnny Forde

48. David Alexander 

49. Alan Salkilld

50. Kyle Brunskill


waiting list:



spare - Steve Mccormick 
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