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Disaster Relief for Gamers in California


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I had the upmost respect for our AOS lore champion Doug on the 2+ Tough channel after his recent message about helping out those who lost everything in the California fires, including all of their gaming materials. Please, we want to make these peoples' day. Below is a link  to the site that is spearheading a project to reunite models with our fellow gamers. Whether its donating directly models you own, purchasing desired models from a wishlist, or donating money directly to other charitable organizations, please check out the link below. 


I may not seem much, but we game for a great many a reason  and these folks might just find some reprieve from their feeling of complete loss of their homes and sources of joy. Enabling these folks to game again, to escape, find fun and joy, is the least we can do. 

In addition check out Doug's original message for the full rundown. 


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GW has taken action to help the unfortunate fellow hobbyists now.



As a Californian near the disaster it does my heart good to see so much effort to help those in need. Blessings go out to 2+ Tough, GW and the gold hearted hobbyists helping their fellows. :)

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