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New in Warhammer


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Hello to everyone!

Sorry about my english, it's not my mother's languaje.

I begun to colect warhammer miniatures one year ago more or less and I decided to play a few months ago. I got some Vampire Counts armys which I use to play Legion of Nagash in AoS. I'm getting new models like morghast or nighthaunts to get more variety in my army. I have calculated around 10k Death points (and a little flesh-eaters).

I joined this forum to ask some questions and to learn from the elders of warhammer!


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21 hours ago, CaptainSoup said:

Greetings and welcome! Nahash is pleased you made the right choice in joining his legions willingly. Now he won't have to waste stealing your soul... Yet lol.

I'm here to serve our lord Nagash. We must ensure all the souls go to him and that's why I hate Stormcasts Eternals so much! They have to pay stealing the souls to our Lord!


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