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I'm a long time wargamer, who left when WHFB's End Times rolled around and have been lurking on the fringes, keeping an eye on Age of Sigmar. I haven't taken the plunge fully back into the hobby, but a few of my friends recently started showing an interest and I've been perusing these forums getting ideas for a new army. Already sold everything I had from before, so it's kind of exciting thinking about making a fresh start in a new system. The hardest thing will be letting go of all the (useless now I suppose) ideas I had about the game from ye olden days.

Looking forward to chatting with folks and learning more as I peruse, lurk, and occasionally post. 


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Welcome to the site and a tentative welcome back to the fantasy world of the Age of Sigmar! 

Great to see another person returning to the fold, sorry to hear that you sold your armies off, but on the bright side you are right ;you get to make a totally fresh and clean start! 

What army(ies) did you play and what have you got your eye on now? 

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4 hours ago, Overread said:

What army(ies) did you play and what have you got your eye on now? 

Thanks! I'm enjoying what I'm seeing so far. 
Before the reset button, I was a Bretonnia and Dark Elf player. I enjoyed the big death star of grail knights and having several elite units to hammer away with while my men-at-arms formed a disposable essential anvil/tar pit. With Dark Elves I basically ran a monster menagerie and backed up my big beasties with corsairs and some magic. 

Looking at AoS, I can see that there is still some of the old Dark Elf line around, though they've been rearranged a bit and likely have some new tricks for me to learn. I've always been a fan of the corsairs, but it doesn't look like that part has received an update recently. And of course Brets are long gone.

So I get to start fresh! Lore-wise, I'm actually looking to play something a little darker. Tzeentch appeals to me (I've wanted a Lord of Change since 5th edition I think? And the new model is somehow even cooler) and so do the Beasts of Chaos. Possibly some Tzaangor spam with demon summoning shenanigans? I'm not sure how I feel about the new summoning mechanics. Sounds like quite a few people are crying cheese and I'd hate for my friends to think I'm looking to be a WAAC player. The other folks in our group are currently looking at some form of Death (one is a huge fan of the Nagash model), one of the Dwarven factions, some flavor of Skaven, and of course some Sigmarites. I guess as long as we can all build something semi-competitive and fun to play, we'll all have a good time. 

1 hour ago, CaptainSoup said:

Welcome back! Glad to have you with us. Don't worry, the water is fine and if you need help let us know!

Thank you, appreciate the warm welcome!

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Sounds like you've got your work cut out for you in making a choice! Also be aware one reason the new Lord of Change looks so darn good is because its a lot bigger! Barring the Keeper of Secrets, which has yet to be updated, all the Chaos Greater Deamons got a big new plastic model that is significantly larger than their old versions in metal/resin. 


You're right that the Dark Aelves are not fully updated, many of the Aelves are not. But if you liked beasties have a look at Idoneth. The failed experiment of Teclis as he tried to create new life from the aelven souls harvested from the depths of Slaanesh's belly. The Idoneth live under the great seas and yet must head to land (or raid ships) to suck the souls from the living to sustain their own damaged souls. They come with mighty magic that sweeps over the land like the sea itself, letting them rise up from the depths atop long eels; mighty sharks and vast turtles. War beasts of the deep! 

Or you could take a look at Daughters of Khaine, a sisterhood of Aelves from the Dark line based around the Witch Aelves. A faction devoted to the fallen God of Murder Khaine. Sacrificing blood and worshipping him in name and act as they dance over the battlefield to slice their opponents apart with blades. Their leader Morathi, the false oracle speaks as if with Khaine's voice, but she syphons the offered magic to herself and sustains her own power whilst holding onto the metal heart of Khaine. She too gets souls from Slaanesh's belly, though she is better at crafting and makes winged Khinari to strike from the dark shadows and migthy melusai who's gaze can turn men to stone and glide over the battlefield on toughened scales. 



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