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Alternate Orruk Skin Colours?

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Orruks/Orks tend to look pretty good in a variety of colors. Some 40k examples Ive found.







18 minutes ago, Vastus said:

I'm not sure what colors they come in lorewise, but one random idea I had was for ashen-skinned savage orcs with tattoos that sort of mimick lava streams and obsidian weapons, could be Aqshy-themed even. 

Kind of like the Blackrock Orcs from warcraft? They got dark/ash skin tones.


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I’m thinking of a killteam style brute squad to skirmish with blackish skin. Paint the shadows purple and work up to grey edges. 

I tested it on Garreks reavers but it ended up too light. Second model much better but don’t have the picture. (miniwargaming has a free purple skin tutorial which I used). In my head it will work amazing for orks*... real life... not sure yet ;) 


* might just paint them black with a white dot as autocorrect keeps changing orruk to orka 🤨 (Dutch for killer whale) 

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