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Sheffield Slaughter 23/24 Feb 2019- AoS

Pete Scholey

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As announced and advertised via twitter the Slaughter will once again be held at the Davy sporting Club, Prince of Wales Road, Sheffield on 23/24 February 2019.

Cost of entry is £40 which includes lunch on both days. We are playing 5 games of 2000 points AoS and will be using the Rules from the Realms. however, we are not using the realm of death or beasts.

We will stipulate on the day a relevant terrain effect for the realm being played as well as allowing players to use the signature commands and spell from the realm.

The 6 realm spells will not be used.

A tournament pack will appear here shortly as will a list of entrants and any reserves.

Tickets go on sale today, Tuesday 4 December at 7pm.  Entries via paypal to peterscholey@btopenworld.com

There are places for 80 players and if we achieve more than 60 entrants then the event will be split into two halls at the venue, both are either side of the bar so you dont have far to go for a drink.

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1 Paul Haley

2 Steve wren

3 Daniel George 

4 Jon green

5 Tim unwin

6 Johnny Stratham  

7 Simon eccles.  

 8 nick thompson

9 pete humpage

10 nigel Bartlett

11 james Williams

12 ade Thompson

13 ****** Bradbury

14 rich fate

15 tom bridges  

16 nigel chorlton

17 Tony Moore.

 18 byron ord

19 Wayne Kemp.

20 christian moore

21 Bryan Carmichael

22 Tom mawdsley.

23 Adam Sinclair.

24 Ben Cronin

25 Jane Slater.  

26 Sam Watson.  

27 Alex Jones.

28 Adam Clark

29 Alan witherden

30 Mark Wildman

31 Colin Mather.

32 Alun Haynes

33 Kyle Edwards

34 Keith ball

35 Callum Watson

36 Nigel bartham.

37 Miles hewitt

38 Alexander Bruce  

39 James boots.  

40 James Powell

41 angus brain

42 Reece west

43 Timmy Fisher.

44 Steve Curtis

45 liam jordan 

46 Declan mckitrik

47 Gaz Hughes

48 James Thompson

49 James Bedford

50 Michael Thomas 

51 Ben booker

52 Andy Hughes

53 Matt sheperson

54 Thomas lawler.  

55 John dale

56 max f barton

57 Nick Peart.  

58 Lee Bromley

59 dan Bradshaw

60 James tinsdale

61 Simon partridge

62 Ben curry.

63 Paul Marshallsay.

64 Ben Johnson.

65 Joe Purcell

66 Scott Harman.

67 Seb donley  

68 Andrew Lewis.

69 Joel Smith.

70 james Hobbs 

71 adam hazelwood

72 thomas waller

73 Martin  Clarke 

74 peter Bradley

75 jack burbage

76 jj cropley

77 adi  mcwalter

78 declan waters

79 thomas fretwell

80 adam hall





declan mckitritch v seb donley

scott harman v jon green

miles hewitt v nick thompson

simon patridge v lee bromley

pete humpage v james thompson

simon eccles v alex bruce

simon bradbury v nigel  bartlett

ben johnson v James tinsdale

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Thanks to all the above for entering. Please check I have not missed anyone. I have no doubt there will be dropouts as the event approaches. Of course refunds will be given,.. If in the mantime you do not want to remain on the reserve list then lease email me peterscholey@btopenworld.com for a refund.

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I think not allowing the 6 realm spells allows the flavour of the realms (A realmscape, one unique spell, empowers some endless spells etc) but also means you can not interact with some of the "stronger" realm spells like Inferno Blades, Mirror pool, Flesh to Stone.. etc etc. 

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blackblade...I certainly dont think it will affect nagash lists at all..he is the king in the magic phase without the realm spells. We feel at the moment the scene is still adjusting to malign sorcery and its effects. like most things in this game it develops and evolves over time and keeping the amount of magic restricted  is something we feel is sensible.  We have seen the popularity of the death lists at blood an glory where all realm spells were allowed. hopefully restricting this may encourage different builds....Death is still super strong so it wont be too much of a determent

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Apologies to you all..I made a mistake with the facehammer guys entry and only noticed the payment for russ veal and not byron ord...as such we are going to expand the event to 82 places with a view to reviewing the venue and trying to get more tables in..looking to get u to 84/86. so kevin cochrane is now in the full event




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Hi everyone, please see attached the tournament pack and event card. 

Tournament Pack :- Everything you need to know about the event is in here. The only additionality may be the inclusion of a judges choice painting prize


Event Card :-  This is the event card that each player will have at the event it ill be double sided and card stock 





Sheffield Slaghter 2019 Tournament Pack PDF.pdf

Sheffield Slaughter 2019 Events Card PDF.pdf

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