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Vote now and help Oldentown and the Puffington Empire with it's election!

Baron Klatz

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Salutations folks! If you haven't heard of a marvelous blog called ExtraBushyBeards well you've been missing out!

I have the honor of helping him out with finding more well adjusted players like yourselves. Please aid his town in it's current election while a skirmish campaign rages around it's outskirts.

Here's the candidates, voting will end on the 7th.





Vote here today!:


The post-voting concerns have already been posted as we near the election due date! (Please stop voting for the Realmstone Crackhead T-T)




On behalf of the Puffington Empire and it's allies, thank you for taking your time to read this!

(Also if you love Narrative campaigns and other such activities then 110% check out this blog. He's been doing amazing stuff since Age of Sigmar started. :D )

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