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Hey guys - help appreciated!


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Hey guys! 

I’m at best a casual gamer, but fancy taking it up a notch and have signed up for a tournament in Stirling this January. 

Ive never done this before - and was after some veteran tips/thought! 

Ive got my army list below, and was hoping for any thoughts??? Also - what are people’s thoughts on the best combos for artefacts??

thanks guys!

1x knight of shrouds on steed

1x Kurdoss

2x spirit torments

2x guardian of souls 

2x 10 grimghast reapers 

6x Spirit hosts

1x 20 chainrasp

1x5 hexwraiths 

1x10 bladeghast revenants 

1x2 chainghasts


what do you think guys??? Thanks!!




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I think that you should have a 20 unit of Reapers instead of a two 10s.  NH strength, especially with Guardians around is that we can replenish our units back, however a 10 man is easily wiped off the board.  I would also consider swapping out the Hexes for more Chainrasps. Your hero list wants to utilize the recursion rules available to stick around and 5 Hexwraiths can be deleted pretty easily.

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drop kurdoss, he is really inefficient. Reikenor is amazing and Olyander is basically a must kill for your opponent, bring them instead. 

Then if your goal is maximum tournament efficiency lose the chainghasts, revenants, and hexwraiths for bigger units of reapers.

As for items, i feel the +3” movement aura one is def the strongest. Though the  one that buffs guardian of souls healing is great too.

Another suggestion would be to consider converting up a Guardian of Souls with Mortality Glass. Warscroll is easy to find with some google-fu.

Imo make your general a generic hero so you can give it ruler of the spirit hosts.

Edit: Also make sure you have a plan for all the big bads right now that dominate tournaments. You are an underdog by bringing Nighthaunt. Your most common mega foes will be Nagash, Eel spam, and Daughters of Khaine. If your army auto loses against any of those. You will hit a wall in the tournament.

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Really good tips - thanks! 

I had seen that large numbers of reapers seemed to be the thing, I guess there is part of me still attached to some of the different models... I am sure I will have that beaten out of me on the tournament scene! 

I would have the spare points to drop the hexwraiths, beef the chain rasp up to 40, and take Olynder rather than Kurdoss. 

Thanks for your help! 

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