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Blood tithe



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You use the rules that the most recent and most up to date for the game. In this case you refer to the summoning rules that are in the latest General's Handbook (2018). Unless you are playing casually, you should always have the latest GHB handy for these sorts of things since it always supersedes what any other rules are printed in other books.

You can also refer to the latest FAQ file provided by the Warhammer Community site for the book in question as it will also mention if a rule has been superseded by another book.

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2 hours ago, Beefarooni said:

Which table do i use? They both have different rules for summoning.

Stated to the Blades of Khorne Errata, both tables are in use. Blood Tide as well as "Summon Daemons of Khorne" (that is in the Errata as well as in the Generals Handbook 2018).

But keep in mind, that the 4 Entries "Bloody Exemplar",  "Murderlust", "Apoplectic Frenzy" and "Blood Pact" are changed with the Errata.

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4 hours ago, Beefarooni said:

The issue we have is timing. The list in the book says during any hero phase, but the ghb says during your movement phase. 

It isn't actually a timing issue.

You have two battle traits

  1. "Summon Daemons of Khorne" with the summoning Table
  2. "Blood for the blood God" with the Blood Tithe Table.

Both Tables are using the same rescource. Blood Tithe Points.

If you use Blood for the Blood God the ability has to be triggered in the hero phase. (using the rules for Blood Pact, in case of Summoning)

If you use "Summon Daemons of Khorne" it triggers at the end of the movement phase (using the summoning rules).

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