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New player, where to start?


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I played my first game tonight and i'm really excited to start my own collection. However, i'm not sure at all what to play. What would you recommend based on the list below: 

- A good starter army (relativley forgiving and basic strategy for a beginner) 

- I like to play aggressive! 

- not more than 5 models 


Is the game balanced? What are the "high tier" armies as of now? 


Thanks in advance, Kimbo 



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Hello there! Sounds to me like the Nightvault core set would be a good start as the Stormcast Cursebreakers pretty much hit all of the points you're looking for. With 3 models, very good stats, and quite kill -y, with easy inspire conditions and posing a threat up close and from range 3. They make an excellent warband choice.

Personal opinion, with the release of the ban/restricted card list, the game is very balanced.

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Okey! Thanks man... 

Based on estetics i really love the choosen axes 👌 how are they in the meta? How do you play them? 


Can you play at a decent level with just the cards from the warband box. Or do i ha en to buy all the warbands in order to be competitive? 


Thanks for the help 

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Posted this on another topic but, with the banned and restricted list, we're seeing warbands such as Chosen Axes and Sepulchural Guard, who fell below the curve in Shadespire, win more events.


This may be helpful: https://canyourollacrit.com/2018/11/26/getting-started-with-warhammer-underworlds/#more-1833


EDIT: and yes, for the most options in competitive play, you'll need to buy everything eventually.

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Game overall is pretty balanced imo, warbands with higher model counts (briar queen, sepchural guard) have slightly more flexibility on whether they want to go control (more common) or aggressive (do-able). 

Like others have mentioned, either starter box would be a good place to start. Nightvault core is good as it has useful universal cards (+1 wound, +1 movement, etc.), and Cursebreakers aren't too shabby either (I'd consider them as semi-aggressive, as typically they play defensive on Turn 1 to cast spells/inspire themselves, before going super aggressive Turn 2). If possible, would recommend trying to split the box if you don't want the Briar Queen half (although might be slightly difficult to split the shared core cards). 

Shadespire core set is also decent, as both their warbands are now more competitive with the restricted/ban lists. However, since the theme of the current season is "magic" , this set offers fewer benefits in comparison to the Nightvault set should you decide to play one of the newer warbands. 

If you're looking for something smaller to start with that's still aggressive, Ironskull Boyz (inspires by losing a wound) is a decent pick, as well as Magore's Fiends (inspires by successful attacks). Both are hyper-aggressive (all you want to do is rush at enemies and keep attacking more or less) and can be played semi-effectively from the get-go (i.e. always help to have full set of cards, but these two can do decently with just their boxes). 

In all honesty, how competitive a deck can be is also highly dependent on how many players you are facing with the full set, as these players will have highly synergistic combos (I usually keep two decks at hand, one against full set players, and one for casuals with maybe 3~4 warbands). In a competitive game, my opponent and I average at least 8~12 glory points per game, whereas when I'm playing with casual warbands, the average is typically around 4~8. 

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