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The Savage (Gorill)orcs or Togunclaw Tribe


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Hi guys. As this is my first post I thought I’d make it a doozy. I’ve been playing WH40k for 27 years and dipped my toes into WHFB back with the brettonian/lizard men set. 

Ive decided that now is the right time to leap into AoS. Most people who know me know that I can’t just do anything warhammer simply. I just can’t build straight out of the box, there has to be a theme and a reason for the theme. 

Ive always been interested in the idea of orcs, particularly savage orcs. I wanted to capture that savage image (I always saw it as a Native American tribal image) but how to do it differently?

playing around with the kits and some GS gave me the breakthrough. How about a Native American/ Planet of the Apes look?  Maybe it’d work......

I’m building towards a 2k list eventually and so far have 10 orcs finished, 5 in progress, an Ironjawz megaboss on maw krusha in progress and a finished troggoth.  Now onto the pics. 







Well enough rambling. This GS fur isn’t going to sculpt itself!



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18 hours ago, Orsino said:

This is great, fantastic job on sculpting the fur, I can imagine it's gonna be a lot of work to get to 2k.

However, I think he would get that time back when it comes to painting (i.e. drybrushing) the fur when compared to painting lots of skin.

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Hey Guys, thanks for all the feedback and support.  There has been more progress with the Tribe.

I've built the next 5 Gorillorcs, GS'd them and they're ready for painting.  I also finished the GS on the Megaboss (just trying to think of some conversion ideas for the Maw-Krusha) and built and painted the first of the Ironjaw Brutes.



















The Brute was built without the chest or back armour, and just one of the shoulder pads.  He also show's the skin tones I'm using for the Gorilllorcs.  Starts with a base coat of Mechanicus Standard Grey, shaded with nuln oil, and then highlighted in progressively lighter layers by adding Cadian Fleshtone to the grey.  The standard gorillorcs 2 highlights, the Brute has 4 (with pure Cadian fleshtone used as a final point highlight on the face)


As usual, C+C welcome!

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Update to my former comment.
It seems it was on TWF,  which we all know doesn't exist anymore after GW faction name changing.
And i don't have any saved pics anymore.  But the the post was from before 2012.
Either way, spend a little more time sculpting the fur and on the paint job and your will succeed his, i'm sure of it.


Edit: Here's another one doing Gorilla conversion -


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