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Stormcast Eternal help needed

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Evening folks.

I personally don't play stormcast, but I need help on choosing a Christmas present for a friend. The guy in question is an absolute legend and want to get him something that will really help his SC army (he is still starting out and relatively new)

Price isn't a factor for this gift but I am looking for something that both looks great on the table and can be used competitively. It could be something that just hits really well or synergises with army?


He already has plenty of sequiturs, paladins, some evocators, decimators, a hand full of characters on foot, 2 characters on gryph chargers and one on a draicarth (unsure of spelling there) and some balistas as well as the endless spells.


Thanks in advance :)

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Box of 10 Judicators. It is a different style of battleline than most of the stormcast army. We mostly just slowly march up and punch you in the face and these are just different cause shooting.


Evocators on Dracolines. Not the most competitive option but they are a strikingly cool model and if they get shifted in GHB '19 they might see some play alongside the. . . .


Dracothian Guard. Who doesn't just want more dracoths (<-- theres the word you're looking for)


And I guess I will be the one to say it. If money isn't an issue I will take another stardrake :D

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Lord Arcanum on Tauralon is a nice kit too. With a bit of kitbash (or when you play hammers) you even get two characters out of it.

Celestant Prime is a nice centrepiece too.

Also, Evocators. Can't have too many of those atm.

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