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Help with layering


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Hi there folks!

I want to ask a question that, is simple to many, but not to me 🤣 
How to do layering well?

I started painting minis in the early 2000s with Confrontation wargame. Then I had some chaos stuff for my Hordes of Chaos (6th ed of WFB), then some Necrons for 40k, and then minis for Hordes and Warmachine games.

I wasn't a good painter honestly but recently (at the beginning of this year) I improved a lot.
Some of my minis to give you an idea (Lord of Chaos, three Skeletons from Shadespire, a Glaivewraith Stalker and a Vampire Lord on a Nightmare steed):





I am satisfied with them but I think I could learn something about layering and by doing so, improve my painting skills.

Can you guys help me somehow?

Do you know an article, a blog post or an online video tutorial that shows in a very detailed way how to do layers well?

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GW videos are always a good way to get some basic tips and how to get the quality "'evy metal" finish you see all over the GW website. 

I would also recommend a Youtuber by the name of Miniac. He produces all sorts of videos about painting minis, what the best paint products are, and even a few of his own paint projects explained step by step. 


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I watch Vince's Hobby Cheating series and I learn something new in every video (not to mention the insane level of depth he shows in EVERY video is a godsend) but I'd definitely not start there until you feel like you're starting to look at more advanced techniques or have jumped on getting an airbrush because without a good foundation you can be left drowning pretty fast due to just how much more he introduces to you.

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47 minutes ago, CaptainSoup said:

I would mostly agree with Fulkes here. The Vince videos are good with plenty of technqiues to learn, but I would still argue for Miniac or GW because they have better production value and is gears more towards beginners or those getting back into the hobby.

That's pretty much my recommendation. Start with the GW and Miniac vids and as you start to feel more comfortable with painting and don't need as many tips then start mixing Vince into it.

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