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Moonclan's Arsenal, an army project


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Hey all, what started as a Hinterlands warband project is quickly turning into an army project, so I figure I'd post it here. I'm fluffing my Moonclan as desert dwelling barbarians, raiding a local Ironweald Arsenal, and stealing as much as they can carry. Below is a WIP shot of my HQ's, a Shaman, and a Warboss with Giant Squig. The gun represents a Blade of Judgement in place of a Moon Prodder. Excuse the fridge posting, as I lack an actual light box. Let me know what you think!



grot project 1.jpg

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1 minute ago, Skreech Verminking said:

That’s some interesting sauce you have in your fridge😂.

jokes put aside, your minis look fantastic.

especially both of your bases look amazing 

Peanutbutter is how I lure my models into and out of the case, works every time. 

Also, thanks! The left one is from a FW event model I had reproduced from a friends base purely for personal use, and the right is a Dragonforge Ancient Ruins II 40mm. 

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Hey all! Finally got another update, my Shaman Ghostface finally has enough paint on him to call it finished, along with a nearly done Warboss, and a second Shaman. Exam week prep is basically murdering my painting time, so hopefully I'll be quicker in the weeks to come. 


WIP 2nd Shaman.jpg


nearly done Warboss.jpg

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