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Airbrush paint stencils for miniature


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Hello all,

I have no idea exactly how this has been achieved https://www.pinterest.fr/pin/170503535873041644/ but I would like to investigate the "airbrush" stencil path. Which I think can also be used with simple paint sponges.

Do you know if this technique using stencils could work on miniature, at this scale? I mean it is not only for decorating motorbike fuel tanks and can save a lot of time if an entire unit of miniatures has to be decorated with such pattern :) 

These stencils for example, they look big but I can't find anything else closest to what I see on the miniature's cloak on the link above: https://www.amazon.com/Background-AirSick-Airbrush-Stencil-Template/dp/B013RUFNYC?ref_=fsclp_pl_dp_4#customerReviews

PS: if you know the artist who made the masterpiece cloak on the first link above feel free to share/link a blog or social media account.

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