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W: Sequitor Swords H: Cash or bits for trade*


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Hi all, 

i'm looking to equip my Soulwars set Sequitors with swords. But they come without :S Soooo

I have Cash, I have a lot of bits to trade. Netherlands Based so postage would of course be on me in case of cash. 

* I have bits from: 


Kahadron overlords,
Daughters of Khaine
Dark Elves
Other random old skool bits like the Chaos mutation sets etc.

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4 hours ago, Lysandestolpe said:

A friend of mine has one box worth of swords. you only need the swords or arms too?

Oh that would be awesome! Let me get a better look at those push fit models, I'm guessing the easiest conversion would be to swap at the wrist. I'll let you know. Any chance he has the Evocaters Staves and arms for those as well?

Thanks again And let me know what he wants in return :) 

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