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Chameleon Skinks Disappear From Sight



There's another discussion afoot elsewhere but I wanted to clarify something.

When chameleon Skinks  use "disappear from sight" can they reappear in the same turn or do they have to wait until next turn? 


The way it's worded indicates they have to wait an entire turn to reappear.   That makes their ability considerably worse, especially when you have abilities like Aquilor's out there.

If they do indeed need to wait an entire turn, it makes the other discussion about summoning hidden much more interesting.  🤔

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12 minutes ago, Sedraxis said:

Any subsequent turn seems pretty clear to me. What makes you question if they can bypass that?

Honestly, it's just the general vibe of their ability and from hearing people talk.  Often I hear "next movement phase" in discussion and I've seen them disappear and  reappear the same turn from other people playing against them. 

Just never really considered it before and the other discussion caused me to reread the rule.  I just wanted to make sure it was actually being played like that in most settings or if people (like me) were seeing it happen in the same turn.  And, as with all things, it causes a multitude of new question to form.

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