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H: Large Tzeentch Army W: $$$, Stormcast


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Hey all. Trying to cut down my Games Workshop collection, and grow my Stormcast army as my only AoS faction. I have a massive Tzeentch army for sale/trade. It is a mix of demon and mortal, with a lot of the stuff that’s becoming popular like Tzaangors and Enlightened.

In trade I’m looking for a large/similar size Stormcast Army. Would also do a part cash/part trade since I have so much. Most interested in a sale though!

The army is in various stages of assembly and paint, but mostly built and unpainted. One or two minor weapon or other bit breaks but nothing major. Pretty much everything you’d need to play current Tzeentch.

The Changeling (NoS)
Ogroid Thaumaturge
Lord of Change (partially built)
Herald on Foot
Herald on Disk
Sorcerer Lord
Gaunt Summoner
Tzaangor Shaman
40 Pink Horrors (built, a few are on 25mm bases and/or missing some arms, but will include extra arms so it’ll probably be more than 40 total)
90 Blue Horrors
+20 more NoS (might be missing bases, I’ll have to look) 110 Blues total
70 Brimstone Horrors
+20 NoS (same as above, maybe no bases) 90 Brimstone total
40 Kairic Acolytes (various weapons, special options)
60 Tzaangors (various weapons, plenty of mutants and greatblades; some greatblades are converted from Enlightened)
6 Enlightened on disk
3 Skyfires NoS
Burning Chariot kit (I got this in a trade but it looks all here. Was going to build a Herald and convert Blue Scribes)
3 Spawn
9 oop Flamers 
18 oop Horrors (could be Pink or Blue I think)
++Sprues, with bits, including to finish partly built models

Pics - https://polishlightning.weebly.com/poli ... e-tzeentch

Asking price - $800 - This is more than $600 off retail! >>> however, open to fair offers!

I'm looking for mostly anything Stormcast wise, but don't need a ton of Sacrosanct stuff (unless you have sword Sequitors). If some is part of a lot that's fine. Most interested in what's below:

Celestant on Dracoth and/or Stardrake
Gavriel Sureheart
Vandus Hammerhand **BIG PRIORITY
Arcanum on foot
Liberators (still need maybe 10-20 more)
Sequitors (swords + greatmaces only)
Dracoth - Fulminators, Concussors ** BIG PRIORITY
Judicators (crossbow preferred but I'll entertain all) ** BIG PRIORITY
Gryph hounds
Vanguard - Hunters, Raptors, Aquilor

Thanks for looking! PM me with what you have!

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Hi. I've got some of what you're looking for. Not sure quantities as its packed away so I'd have to check but I'm not looking for Tzeentch. 

I myself recently sold off a Tzaangor bundle. 

Might you have any Nighthaunts or Ironjawz (minus ardboyz)? Or interested in purchasing anything from me? 

If so I could count my stock. 

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