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Hello from Bristol!


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Hey everyone,

Just came back to the hobby recently, after giving up when I was poor and 18, though I never played a game. I'm now 34 and just super into so much of what I see GW doing now!

I picked up some Nighthaunts and Ironjawz to get back into it, and basically want to collect everything! But I've finally settled on Sylvaneth. Love the lore, the insane models, the relative ease of painting, and am really looking forward to finally learning how to play. The guys in the Games Workshop here are really nice, so I'm excited to get what I have so far painted up and ready for a demo game in the new year.

Learning a LOT from hanging round here, though I've no idea what people are talking about sometimes when maths gets involved! Loads to take in, so I thought I'd join up.


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