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Celestar ballista clarification



So the warscroll for the celestar ballista it says

"If the hit roll made with a Celestar Stormbolt scores a hit, that attack inflicts d6 hits on the target instead of one make a wound and save roll for each hit"

Just to be clear i roll my d6 and get 3+ this is a hit, i then roll a d6 and this one hit becomes d6 hits that have already passed their hit roll, and this is why its not d6 attacks/ 4 d6 attacks for rapid fire

Am i right here?

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  • I'm shooting with Rapid Fire.
  • I roll 4 dice, looking for 5+'s to hit.
  • I get a 3, 3, 5, 6. That's 2 hits.
  • I take those 2 hits and roll again for the 'Chained Lightning' ability. I get a 4 and a 2 and I add these together.
  • The total number of hits is now 6.
  • I roll 6 dice to check for wound rolls. I'm looking for a 3+ to wound.
  • After wounds you check for save rolls as usual.
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