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Events USA: Mythicos Studios 11/17 Tournament (Roxbury, New Jersey)


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Last-minute promotion for a very unique Sigmar tournament here. Mythicos Studios is hosting a FREE event WITH prize support this Saturday (11/17) at their store in New Jersey. Yes, free! No strings attached! The event details are on the Facebook page, but to summarize using the words of the store owner, Nelson:

We have a Age of Sigmar mini-mythicos event this weekend. The Silverbacks are paying for the entry fee. Which means...you play for free. As always we will have cool prizes and I will raffle a free Blackstone boxed set.


Mini-Mythicos Event 2018 - Warhammer: Age of Sigmar. 1 day.



Mythicos Studios

19 Route 10 East, Suite 15, Succasunna NJ 07876.

Do take care that some have found the location bugged on GPS, so if you navigate to the Sushi Hana (15 State Route 10 E, Succasunna, NJ 07876) or Anthony and Sons Bakery (15 NJ-10, Succasunna, NJ 07876), you should be fine. All of these are in the same business park.


Tickets are available now at: Facebook Event Page 


Fee: None. Sponsored for free


30 spots in total available.



3 games of Warhammer: Age of Sigmar,

2000 points Matched Play

Core Book, Malign Sorcery, and General's Handbook 2018 in use. Realm Artefacts are used but realm rules are realm spells are not.


Models DO NOT have to be fully painted and/or based (though this may mean you’re not in the running for the best painted prizes 😂)


If you have any questions, feel free to email lagassej68@gmail.com or nelson@mythicosstudios.com



9:30 Registration

10:00-12:00 Round 1

12:00 – 12:45 Lunch Break

1:00 – 3:00 Round 2

3:30 – 5:30 Round 3

6:30 Awards Ceremony


Scenarios in Use. Players will only play each scenario once during the weekend, with each scenario chosen at ran dom. Victory conditions as outlined in each scenario are in use:


• Scorched Earth (GHB)

• Starstrike (GHB)

• Focal Points (GHB)


Terrain Features:

Terrain features will be pre-determined by the event organizers and labelled accordingly. Non-Games Workshop forests DO NOT have the Overgrown Wilderness special rule as found on the Citadel Woods warscroll, and if any Games Workshop Citadel Woods are on your table, they do utilize their warscroll. In addition, if any fences or similar emplacements will be utilizing the WALLS AND FENCES warscroll, meaning that they count as an obstruction to movement in models which do not have the Fly rule.


Unless otherwise noted at your specific gaming table by a warscroll card left by Mythicos staff, no closed building can be garrisoned and are considered impassable terrain (mo dels with the Fly rule may still fly over these structures. If at any point, an objective is obscured by preset terrain, please ask event staff to move terrain at their discretion so that objectives are accessible at the ground level of your battlefield 



Major victory = 14 tournament points Minor Victory = 9 tournament points Minor Loss = 6 tournament points Major Loss = 3 tournament points Secondary Objective: 0-3


Secondary Objectives available each round:

Head of the Snake: Kill an enemy hero.

First Blood: be the first player to destroy a unit *You may include points from summoned units to determine this tally*.

Rearguard: End the game with a unit which has not left your territory (not deployment zone) for the entire game.

Each Secondary Objective can only be achieved once during the weekend= 1 tournament point



Best Generalship

1 Place $100 in store credit, highest Tournament Points total

2 Place $50 in store credit, second highest TP total


Best Painted

1 Place $100 in store credit, highest Tournament Points total

2 Place $50 in store credit, second highest TP total


Best Sportsman (there can be only one!) $100 in store credit, most favorite game votes.


All store credit expires after 45 days


Grace Period: Games Workshop publications released after Oct 31st, 2018 (including battletomes) will not be in use during the weekend. Miniatures released without a related battletome or publication (i.e. Miniatures found in boxed games such as Blightwar, or Gavriel Sureheart), will not be allowed during the weekend if they were released after Oct 31st, 2018. If you have a question about whether a recent release will be allowed during the event, please contact tournament staff.


The event is also listed on the Mythicos Studios Events Facebook page and on mythicosevents.com


Mythicos Events Page (all upcoming AoS events)

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