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What is in the ultimate hobby room?


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If I had one/room/space for one then I'd want:

1) Large central table ideal for wargames and terrain; ideally a well built wooden table with storage space underneath it, draws and shelves and such. Thus letting you store all the terrain underneath. Ideally either making ones own or using the GW/FW or other company segment terrain tops as well as roll mats for things like space games. 

2) Shelving with glass fronts and clear LED lighting to show off models along one wall/side. 

3) At least one blank wall suitable for posters and framed paintings. 

4) Good clear lighting from above so that the room can be nice and bright even when its dark outside. Possibly on one of those fancy turning dials so that it can be adjusted to suit from bright to dim

5) A comfy chair and TV/Computer stand/workdesk. If its going all out being a hobby room then not only should there be room for wargame play, but also building, painting and playing other games. This bit is more personal space than the table and should be a good distance away so that people can move around the table without bumping into each other. Otherwise said desk should have room and draws for putting things (parts, unfinished projects, new boxes) as well as paints, tools and all the rest. Lamps, lights and all the other general hobby stuff can go here. 

6) Speakers up in the corners and a good sound system; its not about deafening, but about quality sound!

7) Room in at least one corner to stack storage boxes and cases and the like. Because chances are not every model will be in the shelves*, so there has to be room to store others, plus room for the cases so that models can be packed up ready to take to game events away from the cave

😎 A section of shelving set aside for holding large amounts of camera gear (hey its my hobby space darn it ;)). Lenses, flashes and a rack in teh corner for tripods and stands and cases and the like. 


PS I should point out that the library for books (excluding manuals and the like) shouldn't be in the hobby room but the library elsewhre in the house 😜

*Unless one goes all to town and makes shelving units magnetic with tray inserts so that they can just pull out the trays and slide them into a carry case

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Hubby and I are currently renovating our game shed (roughly the size of 4 car garage) it has 2 rooms, 1 to store boxes of game stuff and books, the other will have one wall for crafting and painting benches. Along the internal wall will be floor to ceiling storage racks to hold all of my terrain boards and other terrain pieces. A third wall will have cabinets for miniatures. We have the plans to build a custom game table with built in TV screen and player stations with cup holders and under table storage, AIr con will also need to be installed so the space can be used year round. 

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Couple of Sonos speakers

couple of turntables

Well stocked beer/wine fridge

8ft x 6ft high table with an obscene amount of scenery to choose from

couple of big sofas around a large lower table

Painting/modelling workspace for 2 people

Couple of vintage arcade cabinets

Projector and screen 

dumb waiter going direct from the kitchen

lots of plants

some kind of industrial strength smoke extractor

Absolutely no posters of dragons on the like on the walls.


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Guess the essential points have been covered but to give some visual approximation, I remember someone designing from scratch an ultimate gaming room, and giving details about it. You can read here (interesting and very inspiring!):


The place looks quite amazing:




But it's missing a fridge and a turntable!Not good enough 🤣

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I'll tell you what I'd like to add (besides more terrain- which is coming when hagglethorn hollow kickstarter sends out  their stuff):  A little more space!  When we move into our next place I think I might get it.  I currently have to block one of the sides of the table with a wall, and I'd like to fit a second cabinet on the other side.

Right now though, my warhammer room is an office adjoining the normal living room area so if I open the glass doors, the bar, sonos, tv, fridge etc is all available, just not "in" it.  My hobbying is also done elsewhere, as that's never a pretty sight, and we entertain mostly non-wargamers. 

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My ideal gaming room would cater to RPGs as well as wargaming, so while it will have most of what is described above, it will also need to seat up to ten people around the table, and have space for my Fantasy Reference Library.

My ideal set up would be alternating tall and half height book shelves around as much of the wall as possible. RPG books, Codices, and reference books can fill the upper shelves of the tall units, while the lower shelves can hold novels and storage boxes. Then above each half height unit will be a glass display cabinet containing painted minis and LEGO models. The only exception will be the space immediately behind the GMs chair, which will of course have a mounted magnetic whiteboard.

If there were space it would be good to the desk from my study at one end, so that I have at least some of the shelves within arms reach when I'm sat at my computer. At present my books are split between study and living room.

I'd need to actually have a house to be able to fit all that in though... so it won't be any time soon!

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I want a room where my son won't go in and pull everything off the shelves, climb on my desk and pull everything down. At the moment, he's too young for the hobby but it would be great if he didn't come in and trash my stuff. 

If I had loads of money though, I would have a nice large room with a good sized gaming table in the middle, a hobby desk with loads of paint and tools, lots of storage and a comfy chair and tv. Problem is, if I had this, I probably wouldn't see the outside world! :D 

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5 minutes ago, Gaz Taylor said:

I want a room where my son won't go in and pull everything off the shelves

ha, yeah though in my case it's an over inquisitive cat. She's well into leaping up on the table and wrecking everything and anything that's on it.

I've tried to discourage her but she's having none of it, so I'm thinking of just going with the flow, creating a Godbeast warscroll & special rules for her and resigning myself to it.

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A few pics of my Hobby room down in Dorset.  Recently revamped it this year, adding the modular bases for the boards.

Its an old double garage converted to a games room, but you can do similar with those self build cabins you can buy to go in the garden (My brother @Ninja_Badger_Rich has done this)

Plenty of space for 4 gaming tables, or a hobby area plus models on shelves.


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I have a room originally marked as 'the Warhammer room"  when we bought the house use mostly  for storage and painting but I rarely play  there.   

For that storage/painting room I have   walk out access to the yard for spray priming.

Lots of shelving space.Work tables and tools for cutting MDF/wood etc.   

Fridge with beverages.

Plenty of plugs for tools/ipad. 

Stain /spill resistant flooring and furniture 

Solid lighting.

If I was playing in it more I'd wonder about flooring (softer stuff saves the knees)  and positioning in relation to the rest of the family. As the kids have gotten older they are less likely to want to jump into 'helping' with Daddy's game. 

I wish i had better set up  for venting to the outside for the airbrush.

This isn't designed to be shots of the room set up itself but I did take some pics this week



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