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Getting Started with Blades of Khorne


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I bought the get started bloodbound kit and was disappointed that the guys didn't come with the options I'd assume are in their regular box. Plus I don't know what to do with 5 Blood Warriors since they seem to come by 10 elsewhere. 

I'm trying to get started with a khorne army, but I'm not sure how I want to arm my guys or what heroes to use since there are a lot. I'd like to use mostly mortals, but with some demons. I'm thinking I'd like to tailor to building up blood tithe and summoning demons. I'm not sure what heroes or battalions to use, though. I've played a Khorne Warrior army prior to Age of Sigmar and World Eaters in 40k, but I'm pretty new to Age of Sigmar. 

I really like Blood Warriors and Skullreapers. If I could have all my battleline be Blood Warriors I'd be happy, but I'm guessing the Bloodreavers are useful, too. I don't really like Wrathmongers and I'm not sure if I want Skullcrushers or not as most of the army will be on foot. I am worried about slow moving Khorne units, what are ways to improve this? 

Blood Warriors - dual axes or gorefists?

Bloodreavers - reaver blade or axes?

I currently have

Mighty Lord of Khorne

Blood Stoker

1 Bloodsecrator (and an old BSB that is basically the same thing)

1 Khorne character with 2 axes (maybe aspiring deathbringer w/ axe&hammer)

1 Khorgorath

5 Blood Warriors

10 Bloodreavers

5 Chaos Warriors dual wielding axes (Blood Warriors)

5 Chaos Chosen (plan to call Skullreapers)

Bloodthirster of Insensate Rage

~50 Bloodletters


Can someone point me in the right direction? 

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The main thread for Blades of Khorne in this forum will net you more replies. The 1d4chan page is also pretty good for beginners.

The way you build your Blades of Khorne will depend on how you want to play. One thing I enjoy about the army is how many different ways you can build it. From an outsiders perspective (and a new players perspective) you might think the best way to play is MSU to maximize Blood Points and charge everything asap. However, the army is much more complicated than that and charging blindly into combat benefits Orks far more than us. You'll want to come up with an idea and then build around the idea. Summoning is a viable Blades of Khorne build but one of the hardest to pull off due to the unreliability of Blood Prayers and the relatively weak power behind MSU Daemons. It's a list I run and I really enjoy it as I constantly tweak it to perfection.

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If you're just looking for a decent chance in casual play, take a Bloodsecrator and Bloodstoker, and then whatever else to taste.  Most Khorne stuff is at least half decent, and even the more marginal stuff can be buffed to effectiveness with that combo.  Take what looks good, mess around, and get a sense of what you like.  Remember you also have access to anything that can take a Khorne mark, so most of Slaves to Darkness, and a battalion of Beasts of Chaos, if that strikes your fancy.

If you're looking for competitive opportunities, either build around the Gore Pilgrims battalion, or take a Wrath of Khorne Bloodthirster and a ton of Bloodletters, as those are likely the most reliable options.


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