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Events Poland: General's War #18

Jan "Kyoshi" Mejor

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Event Title: General's War #18
Event Author: Jan "Kyoshi" Mejor
Calendar: Events Poland
Event Date: 11/24/2018 09:30 AM to 11/24/2018 06:30 PM


When: 24.X.2018

Where: Club Adeptus Mechanicus, al. Krakowska 110/114, Warszawa (Budynek B-27, ostatnie piętro). Map  

Army size: 2000p

Army Composition: Battlehost

Rules of the game: We use  General’s Handbook 2018 official rules, FAQ and Battletomes. We do not use publications publishes one week before tournament.  „House rules” are mostly clarifications and can be found in our  FAQ.

We use Endless Spells,

We use realm artefacts.

We use realm spells

We do not use REALMS OF BATTLE feature from  Core Book.

Runda 1: TAKE AND HOLD - Core Book s.317
Runda 2: SCORCHED EARTH - General's Handbook s.55
Runda 3: THE RELOCATION OR - General's Handbook s.61

Time: 2h30min per game

Paringi: Swiss type plus first round challenges. 


  • Major victory – 17 punktów
  • Minor victory – 12 punktów
  • Remis – 7 punktów
  • Minor loss – 5 punkty
  • Major loss – 0 punktów
  • Walkower – 12:0 (nie stawienie się przeciwnika na bitwę)

Extra points

  • KINGSLAYER: Kill more enemy heros
  • BREAKTHROUGH: Have more units in enemy deployment zone
  • GRUNTSLAYER: destroy mote battleline units

Max. 25 P additional points for :

  • 5 P = Correct Army roster - printed
  • 5 P = Own dice, rules and stuff (game preparation)

Good Play 7,5 P:

  • You an cast up to two votes for best play for you opponents during tournament. 

Best Painted 7,5P:

  • You can vote for best painted army during tournament. 



Fill out the online form: TUTAJ

Entry fee: 25 pln/ 30pln in the day of the tournament


10 1020 5561 0000 3902 0001 1585 – Jan Mejor; title:  GW18 – Name and Surname






General's War #18

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