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"Buying" units



Simple question, 

When you buy a unit for whatever point value game you are playing, do you pay for the minimum amount of that unit? Can you pay for say 5 Liberators for 100 points, but have 30 models in the unit for that same price? Is the "max" only referring to the number of models in one unit? Would 30 Liberators then cost 600 points? Thanks for the help!

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You pay in increments of the minimum amount - so 5 Liberators would be 100 points, 10 would be 200, 15 300 etc.

Also worth noting that if you field an under strength unit to start (for example, 7 Liberators instead of 10) you still pay the minimum cost, so 7 Libs would be 200 points still.

Hope that makes sense :) 

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