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Conversion Week Collection


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This is the collected thread for all the conversion week threads, a one stop check list for all your conversion inspiration. Below are the individual links to each week and the model that features for that week. Please do feel free to continue to reply to those threads if you have a conversion to share - although please be responsible and if you have a lot of conversions pace them out (to avoid the painting section being swamped and pushing down peoples legitimate questions, queries, painting and other topics). 

There is a Ping list which I will use to ping everyone who is interested each time a new week goes up. If you wish to be added or removed from the Ping list please do drop me a private message to ask.
If you have an idea for a theme week please do drop me a private message to say so. Yes even if you've just converted a model and want an excuse to share and show it off that is perfectly fine as a reason to suggest a model for a week. 




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