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Elfhead introduces himself


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I go by the name of Elfhead (and it's not gonna change to ealfhead...). I gues my nickname already gives away what armies I like:P I'm a big elf fanboy. I own a big army of high elves and am currently working on a very nice project, revolving around a High elf cult of Slaanesh. I'll be posting my painting and modelling progress in a plog. I haven't played a game of warhammer since 6th edition and don't plan to ever again. I'm in it for the hobby, so I'll be hanging out in the plog section. 

You may know me from warseer. But since that site has somehow dissapeared somehow (again...) I went looking for another forum to get my hobby fix.



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Smash dem elves!

Bash dem good!

Add dem into elf ear soup!

Squish der brains

Inta stew

Elfses make good BBQ

Elfy legs

Grot hot sauce

Mix together

Give a toss

Grill em up

And give ta boss!



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