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Hardcase and foams for units with spears/large weapons

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Hello guys,

I'm struggling to find a suitable hardcase with proper sized foams to transport my skellies with spears and 28mm models with large weapons.

The thing is, from what I'm seeing, the standard size for slots on foams are 25x50mm so that's a bit of an issue since the height of skeletons including spears is around 60-65mm tall... Damn spears!

I haven't found any solution so far, how do you transport yours? Have you found proper foams for transporting your skellies with spears?


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The irregularity of a lot of the newer sculpts (Idoneth eels, turtles etc.) pushed me away from foam towards magnetised bases and a metal toolbox. Might not be what you’re looking for but it’s worked out well enough for me to feel worth suggesting at least...!

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I am currently looking for better ways to transport my Sylvaneth - they are constantly breaking with the GW foams and cases. I'll let you know what I find. 

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