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Nighthaunt spectral summons ability with units in combat



Hi there


First of all, Im not sure this is the right place to ask this, sorry if Im on the wrong place. I also looked for an answer for this in this forum and google in general and found no answer.


So spectral summons ability it is an standard "teleport" ability that says remove an unit and set it up again. And it counts as their move. A discussion happened in my local sigmar forum between people that argued that units in combat cant be teleported and the ones that said it could. I always thought they can because it doesnt say anything about not been able to remove them if they are within 3`of an oponent. But people on the other side of the argument said that an unit in combat can only retreat or stay, so they cant be teleported. Feels a weak argument to me but it makes some sense since the ability ends up saying "counts as a movement" and in theory, units in combat cant move.


So where can I find the rule, and if you know it, what is the rule? Can the units "teleport" out of melee combat or not?

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