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AOS Language holidays for kids


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Hi guys,

My boy, 12.5 years old is learning English as second language at his school in Switzerland. this is the 3rd year, so still low level in English, but improving. 

I start thinking/planning to send him in exchange holidays in a British family with a kid of his age, with sth like 2 weeks in one family, and vice-versa. 

AS he (like myself and his younger brother who is 9) is a complete AOS fan, playing AOS (also in turnaments here in Switzerland), Bloodbowl, Warhammer Quest, and starting 40K / Kill Team, I was thinking that he might be a very good idea to  mix the language learning and the game. He also like Playstation games (currently FIFA, Fortnite and Paladin)

We are French living in the German part of Switzerland, meaning we speak fluently French and German. 

The summer, we go mainly back in France, in Bretagne and in Béziers (South of France, see, sun and …) to see the family. 

Anybody that would be interested by such an exchange? 

Or Ben: What about setting up a AOS summer kid camp at Derby/Nottingham? That might interest Games Workshop


Best regards




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