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Episode 202 - Blades of Khorne

Spirit of Grungni

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Episode 202 - Blades of Khorne

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So on this episode we take a step back to a book we have't covered yet as Alex and I discuss Blades of Khorne. We've had a lot of requests for this so we hope you love it. Khorne proves once again that the army is far more than "Blood for the Blood! Skulls for the Skull Throne!"

Seriously, every time we cover Khorne I have sucha time resisting building an army. I love this book.


Show Index

0:00:00-0:07:15 – Intro and welcome

0:07:15-0:08:15 – Commercial Break One

0:08:15-0:35:00 – Khorne Lore

0:35:00-0:37:15 – The Brass Citadel (Reading One)

0:37:15-1:05:00 – Khorne Lore up to the Age of Sigmar

1:05:00-1:06:15 – Commercial Break Two

1:06:15-1:16:00 – More lore, space timeline

1:16:00-1:48:50 – Blood Tithe, summoning, traits, and artifacts

1:48:50-1:51:30 – Reading Two

1:51:30-2:35:25 – Unit lore and warscrolls (daemons)

2:35:25-2:38:05 – Commercial Break Three

2:38:05-3:21:00 - Unit lore and warscrolls (bloodbound start)

3:21:00-3:23:00 – Reading Three

3:23:00-3:40:00 – Unit lore and warscrolls (bloodbound end)

3:40:00-4:09:00 – Battalions of Khorne

4:09:00-4:15:00 – Alex tells us what he’d bring to a tournament and stuff like that

4:15:00-4:22:30 – Wrap up, close, and end of show announcement


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Thanks for listening!







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