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The Titanhost Gargants - Battletome Musings


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Inspired by others working on big model battletomes and as a followup to my previous developments on the Suneater Tribes and Gutbusters tomes I have been working on. Here is a unique take on a Gargant exclusive battletome that embraces multi stage customisation on the base scroll to create a myriad of unique and highly personalised units out of one common base scroll. I'd appreciate any feedback, critique etc on what I have so far before I add in character base scrolls and the ranged weapon lists.



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Man, this is cool!  But I think you need a Special that makes a Gargant a Leader/Hero model (and gives them a command ability).  And/or a Special or Origin trait that turns them into a wizard.  This is remarkably fun-looking and fluffy.

I'm looking back at my Citycrusher Gargants and dinking around with them a bit more, see what I can do to make them more unique.  Right now, I'm trying to wrap my head around the various Stormhost Orders/Temples/Greatfrays/What-have-yous and trying to understand how to apply them to the Citycrushers.

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Cheers, these are the variations on the base Gargant scrolls, I intend to end up with only 3 Warscrolls but with the species and the specialities end up with near countless combinations.

Currently combining every potential origin, specialisation and weapon combination there are 100 variations possible on the Gargant scroll, not counting those ranged weapon variations that will come from the Longarm specialisation.

There will be two base hero scrolls (Magic and Command) with Specialties for:

MAGIC (15 potential combinations)
Primal (Raw damage)
Elemental (Opens up a special behemoth)
Spirit (Support Magic)

COMMAND (15 potential combinations)
Champion (Combat)
Ancient (Support)
Tyrant (Balanced)


Playing with some combination here is a Rockwall variant wearing a 4+ save from his Iron Wrought Specialty, this combines well with his Stonehewn origin (half incoming damage characteristics) and the buckler (reroll 1's in the combat phase) makes him a hefty anvil to shift. To get this far however he is moving only 6 inches at peak speed meaning he is a definitive wall rather than a chaser.



And the Stormlash variant sacrafices resilience for raw damage output, his specialty increases his attacks by one meaning at peak he is 4 attacks with his impaler at a hefty 4 damage a piece. Combining this with his Stormtitan racial benefit if anything he attacks survives the impaler he can bring them low with lighting arcs at the end of the combat phase.



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Initial Shaman Outlay. the spells are designed to be characterful rather than simply potent as the army itself is relatively high damage output and low model count. Whilst certain Origins lend themselves more logically to certain Shaman Specialities (Bogdrinker Venomtongue, Rockhewn Mountainheart) there is the potential to create unique and potent combinations of any of the Origins alongside Shaman origins.

For anyone keeping count the total number of combinations is:
90 off of Base Gargant Scroll
15 off of Shaman Scroll

105 combos so far with 15 to come from the Overlord Scroll




And an initial concept on the Overlords Scroll:


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Bit more work on the TITANHOST Gargant Battletome, the current hurdle is making a Behemoth only army viable in objective games whilst also making the Battleline gargant specialty something more than just a tax. To this end I have added the following special rule to Gargants who specialise in BATTLEBORN:
Those Gargants who have served the Host long enough become the Battle Born, marching to war at the very heart of a Gargant host.
When counting the number of friendly models in the vicinity of an objective to determine who holds the objective. Every BATTLEBORN Gargant counted is considered to be 10 friendly model.
I've also removed the concept of Artifacts and Command Traits for a Gargant only army. Instead you get to add infamy to one giant in your army, and for every 4 gargants you field can select an additional infamy!
Feedback sought and welcome as always


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Working out a 1000 point list to test out the battletome when built, also looking for anyone willing to do games at Warhammer World to help test and shape the Battletome as it develops.

Stormtitan Venomtongue Shaman (Infamy: The Red Mist) - Stumpstave.
The Redmist infamy (-1 to hit in shooting phase) helps offset his origin flaw (enemies reroll 1's to hit when shooting him), this gives me the chance to make a more noble stormy looking Gargant and combine it with bits from the Archanok kit to make a spiderlike shaman to reflect the fact he is venomtongue. His ability allows friendly gargants to use their least wounded profile 

Bogdrinker Battleborn (Infamy: Of Ghyran) - Drakecleaver and Gargant Buckler
By running Bogdrinkers as battleline the pair can cover a larger distance with their Bravery debuff, and with the Infamy of Ghyran this gargant will keep healing until he is put down fully. By using a Gargant buckler he is more resilient in close combat (able to save even the most rending of blows). 

Bogdrinker Battleborn - Massive Club
Since friendly non-bogdrinker models suffer the bravery debuff from this marshladen Gargants it made sense for both battleborn to be Bogdrinkers, taking the massive club for this one means that when the Venomtongue casts his spell I have the highest chance of triggering those mortal wounds with 3D6 attacks from this model.!

Rockhewn Longarm - Gargant Bombard
Slow but resilient (Halving enemy damage characteristics) the Rockhewn made the most sense to become the Longarm of my host, the range of the cannon offsets his slow movement well and he can sit on an objective long enough to deter enemies.

Ikar Bezerker Longstrider - Gargant Impaler
Hitting like a steamtrain and outflanking this Gargant should harass the enemy Monsters, combining his native tusked Ikar origins every 6 to hit with the massive spear generates another attack offsetting is low attack numbers (4 damage a piece though!), and the ability to come on from any table edge means he has a degree of tactical flexibility


Since I've nearly finished painting him and the layout of my custom scroll tends to confuse people a little here's an edited version using Runebrushes original warscroll designer program.

The first giant I'll be testing the Bogdrinker Battleborn (Battleline in an all Giant army) with one handed weapon and Gargant buckler


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