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Returning WFB player - Play Nurgle or Vamps?


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Hi! I am returning primarily from 7th ed where I dabbled a bit in 8th but only at the start. I have a considerable couple of armies mainly in the old Vamp counts and some old school chaos/Storm of Chaos Nurgle. So my breakdown is:

Legion of Nagash Units:

Well Painted:

Mannfred von Carstein, Vamp lord on horse, Vamp lord with wings, Necromancer, 20 Dire wolves,  9 Fell Bats ,6 Spirit Hosts ,2 x Banshees, 4 x Carn Wraiths ,10 Black Knights

Poorly painted/not painted

40-50 Skeletons 30-40 Zombies 30 Graveguard 5 x Bloodknights

Flesh Eater Courts (all well painted)

Varghulf , 100 Ghouls

Maggotkin (all well painted)

GUO (5th ed), GUO (like 2nd ed, lol, tiny,) Chaos sorc/lord on parlequin, 40 x Plaguebearers, 10 Nurglings, 6 Beasts of Nurgle,

Chaos Warriors (all poorly painted),

24 Warriors (NIB) 30-40 Marauders (poorly painted) 10 Knights (poorly painted) Couple of Spawn 3 x Chariots


I guess the question I have is which army should I focus on? I am after an army that is flexible and is competitive and that has some growth, but something I dont have to put too much time/models into painting or collecting. For this reason I am leaning towards Maggotkin. I can use my daemons with some support from the warriors or buy some drones/blightkings. However, the vamps are painted well and I could run an ok list with all the vamps, skeletons, direwolves, spirit hosts and the graveguard. But I am not sure where the growth comes from.

What are peoples thoughts? Thanks!

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