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2k Blight King Heavy Tourney lists, are they possible/competitive?


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How competitive you can potentially be depends on just how heavy you're thinking of investing in the PBKs.

I've run between 20-30 PBK in lists and always felt that they earned their keep. 

Pros: They're fairly inexpensive, loads of wounds, SURPRISINGLY fast, potential to dish out absurd amounts of wounds (pre-saves) , great bravery,  Nurgle battleline, and lots of mobility with small units

Cons: struggle vs armor. They have weight of attacks, but against high saves, they struggle a bit. 


What @JonnyTheKing said is true, a -1 debuff and they're hurting. But that's just one unit. Almost any unit in game will suffer with a -1. Running them as large blobs (more than 10) is quite ponderous. 5-10 is ideal. 10 can hold up many times their points value, 5 can hold and threaten objectives. 

With feculant gnarlmaw and gutrot, they have a surprising amount of speed.


What I enjoy most about blight kings, is that they are a phenomenal battleline. Once you have them, you can build the list how you want. For me, I love fast armored units and monsters. When they are struggling, the fatties come strolling in to rescue them. 

If you go very heavy PBK, I'd suggest the lord of blights or other buffing units for them. The blight battalion is ok, -1 rend is good, but the battalion is limiting on what you have to bring and what's left over.


Good luck!


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