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How do I make beasts of nurgle good?


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I have two of these slug guys painted and ready for action but I was doing some testing the other day and they couldn't kill a single hero 1vs1 and struggled greatly against five liberators. What am I doing wrong what is the secret to make these guys workable? How can they be worth a hundred points? 

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There really isn’t a secret to them. Nurgle on a whole isn’t really that good at dealing damage without certain combos and even then it’s most often than not going to be on the lower tier. 

The beasts have a cute set of mechanics but they have a big fault of random number of attacks and 0 rend. Your best hope is to keep them leashed near a hero and hope you roll high on attacks. Trying to go for that 2 damage hit but don’t expect to kill hero’s with him alone, even with his equally cute 4+ D3 damage on retreat. 

Though he isn’t likely to do much other than stall anything with a 3+ save for a turn or two.

And a couple of 4+ saves hero models can just flat out erase him.

for your 100 points you are getting a very fast 7 wound model with disgustingly resilient that can play pinball with enemy units with a chance to deal mortal wounds as it runs around the table

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