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1500 greenskins


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Looking at building a "competitive" army out of orruks from my 8ed Warhammer army.

I feel that the strength in the list is in stacking the warbosses command ability for some brutal charges.


Seek your advice on changes, or allies options.

Allegiance: greenskins


Warboss on wyvern, shield.

Warboss on boar, banner.

Warboss, shield.

Orruk shaman.

10 orruks on boars

5 orruks on boars

2 * 20 orruks. Additional choppas. (Having rend is great, would give them shields if I had the models)

3 orruk chariots.


It feels like a lot of models.

There is no shooting (I do have orruks with bows models mind you). 

I was looking at including some hard Boyz instead of some of the Boyz / chariots.

Are there any hidden gems in the destruction choices that I have missed.

I think I have about 8000 points of old orcs and goblins, so I probably have it if it is an old model.

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While I am no Destruction expert, I do know...that is not a lot of models. Especially if you want to abuse the Waagh! Ability. I'd almost say to double your number of Orruk Boyz, two units of 40, to have big blobs of mass attacks. Keeps the bonuses going and keeps you from crumbling. The boyz will die in drove, so units of 20 are more of a minimum than a max. The boars and chariots are ok for tying up small units and snagging far off objective. They also technically benefit the most from Waagh! as it buffs ALL the model's attacks.

So, yeah, I'd drop the Warboss on foot, maybe trim a chariot or some boars, do that you can up the Boyz units to 2 units of 40. Greenskins are a Horde army. From there, play some games and see how it feels.

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