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Advice for a more *Competitive* Khorne Army


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Hiya Fellas

About a month ago me and a couple of mates decided to get into Warhammer and in particularly AoS. We have had tons of fun painting, collecting and playing our models however recently we have all decided to *buff* our army and make them more competitive for locals. My mates are playing Legions of Nagash And Ironjawz.

My current army consists of...:



1x Bloodsecrator
1x Bloodstoker
1x Lord of Khorne on Juggernaut (Usually my general) 
1x Slaughterpreist (With killing frenzy for Bloodletters)

1x Wrath Of Khorne Bloodthirster 


3x Mighty Skullcrushers (Ensorcelled Axes)

3x Mighty Skullcrushers (Ensorcelled Axes)

3x Mighty Skullcrushers (Bloodglaives)

20x Bloodletters 

5x Wrathmongers (These guys are so fun xD)

5x BloodWarriors (Gorefist)

10x Bloodreavers (I usually use them as a mobile blood tithe point.)


Brass Stampede

In total my army is: 1990/2000

I also have a Bloodthrone, 3 Bloodcrushers, 10 more Bloodreavers, 10 bloodwarriors (with two axes), 1 Khorgorath, and 1 Mighty Lord of Khorne, 

Any advice or tips would be greatly appreciated as i am sure some other Khorne players may also find this discussion helpful. 

Please also share your combinations and past experiences which may also help out newer Khorne players.

(Also i am doing doubles tomorrow with me and my IronJawz friend vs my Legions of Nagash friend and a Nighthaunt player. Tips on that would be ace!!)



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Seems like half your army is fast and half your army is slow.  Also you have daemons and mortals mixed so some of the buffs aren't transferred.  Demons want a crimson crown while mortals want an aspy deathbringer for more attacks for instance...

Also the bloodsecrator is almost impossible to use outside of gore pilgrims.   With 3x priests the secrator buff covers the whole table.  There is no way he is keeping in range of your crushers and blood thirster.

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my 2c: 

you want the bloodletters to be 30 strong. So much of their damage output is dependent on the +1 hit from having twenty models. If you only have 20 to start you  it infrequently will lose that bonus before you first swing. 

My personal preference on blood warriors is go big or go home. Get 20 or even thirty and they’re fantastic. 10 is a reasonably durable unit with one gore cleaver. 5 just doesn’t seem worthwhile to me. 

I’ve never played brass stampede. I hear it’s fun. But for me, the buffs from gore pilgrims feel like the way BoK are supposed to be played. Slaughterpriest are fantastic when they’re getting rerolls and turn the rest of your army up to the eights. And every time I’ve tried to play without the extended range on portal of skulls, it’s seriosuly felt like playing on hard mode. So I’d consider getting another couple of slaughterpriests and trying gore pilgrims. 

As someone else said, crimson crown on the bloodthirster will stack beautifully with your larger unit of bloodletters. If you further boost them with extra attack from the bloodsecrator and stacking bonuses to hit from slaughterpriest killing frenzy they become absolutely horrifying in damage output. 

I love Wrathmongers, keep them. So many tricks you can play, and excellent area denial again st your opponent’s big scary who won’t want to come near them. I also highly rate skullreapers. Give them daemon weapons. Give them buffs. Watch them become absolute blenders. 

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I'm not an expert but I would highly recommend gore pilgrims, it turns the army up to 11, and slaughter priests are one of the dumbest units in the game if you ask me. I agree with the guy above me, go big groups of blood warriors or dont bother with them, the gore cleaver is a wrecking ball and without it they dont have enough punch. I take them in squads of ten usually but have tried 30 man blobs before and they can be effective.

Skull reapers are basically a must take, i hadn't played them until recently but with a couple buffs they will easily kill well above theyre points cost, i killed a great unclean one and horticulux slimux in a round and had wounds to spare with them... thats absurd. Two 5 man squads of them seems pretty solid.

What I've noticed with khorne is your hero slots are the most important part of your army, almost every hero you have is legitamately good, except maybe the exalted deathbringer, but even then take the spear and mark of the destroyer and you have a ridiculously murderous dude to blow up anything you charge him into. 

Khorne can fight pretty much anything, the only problem we have is mobility which you have some options to fix, your never going to be deepkin but you can move decently quick. Summoning is a good way to quickly hop onto objectives and getting blood tithe points is pretty easy if you tailor your list for it, gore pilgrims with 3 slaughter priests w/ blood sacrifice and some reavers/shade spire units can easily be pumping out big units by turn 2. The bloodhunt battallion can also be really solid, especially with lots of blood hounds. The way i get around the mobilith issue is the mighty lord of khorne with violent urgency and the talisman of burning blood, you end up with +1 to runs and charges, can re roll charges, and you can roll three dice and take the top two dice, couple that with a blood stoker and your essentially guarenteed any charge you need to make, even a twelve inch charge is easy to do with +4 and three dice re rollable.

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Thanks a lot for the advice guys!

I have changed my list a lot over the last month and I am having loads of fun with it.

I now run gore pilgrims with 30 Bloodletters and only use the brass stampede for more “casual” games.

I have found the 36” range on the bloodsecrator to be so useful combined with a brazen rune to stop my mates nagash from doing almost anything to him. That combined with the “almost” garunteed 2 blood points a turn from the slaughter priests for the insta negate on nagash’s endless spells is very satisfying. (Not for him xD) I generally use my blood warriors and reavers as a tar pit/mobile bloodpoint so that the WOK bloodthirster and Bloodletters carve through a flank. That combined with killing frenzy’s and the extra attacks from the 36” bloodsecrator range (and whipper have +3 charge boi) usually allow me to devastate his units before he can manage to deal with it. (And when he does no big deal because the blood points I got allow me to summon another bloodthirster ?

Anyway thanks for the help I really appreciate it (Jarek,Mottle and Kevlar) over the last 6 games I played with the competitive dude I won all of them. ??

I will also probably get some skullreapers as they seem really strong from what you guys have said and maybe the new box (Slaanesh vs Khorne) That was leaked as one of my other mates is really into Slaanesh atm.

Anyway thanks for the help and anymore feedback is greatly appreciated. 

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