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The Wild Hunt! Nighthaunt army ideas


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So I have an idea for my Nighthaunt list that I know won't be the most competitive but I love themes.  The theme is an undead wild hunt.

Models I know I want at 2k: 

General KoS on steed (the hunt master)

Reiknor (favored hunter)

Guardian of Souls (drawing the hounds to the hunt)

Tomb Banshee (Picks the target of the hunt)

Dreadblade Harrows (hunters) Probably the most easily cut from the list so far theme wise

Glaivewraiths (patient hunters)

Chainrasp Hordes (the hounds enslaved to the hunt)

Myrnmourn Banshees (wails to let everyone else know to stay away)

Hex Wraiths (flush the quarry out of hiding)


Models that I would to theme for the hunt just because I want to play them Black Coach and Coven Throne.

I know the Glaivewraiths are pretty bad all around but they fit the theme and it seems crazy to have them in a Hunt themed list. Any ideas for 2k lists based on these models?




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