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The Unrequited of the Tayrathian


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Hey Everyone!  Today, as promised on my post from Wednesday today I will be sharing the lore behind my Aethermyst and the army I am taking to Realms at War.  The general lore of my Army, since its conception, has been focused around the idea of a cult that was very heavy int he Witch Aelf culture and I always tend to play with lots of Witch Aelves as the core of my force.  As a fun nod to some of my music preferences, I created a mythical founder for the cult in the form of Tayrathi Swiftheart.  After working with Morathi to found the Tayrathian Cult she disappeared in some unknown way and is believed to be dead by the cult she founded.  The tale of my Aethermyst is the possible rebirth of Tayrathi and her quest to now usurp Morathi and resurrect Khaine.


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