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Optimal blightking unit size?


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Depends what you’re using them for. 

If you focus on blightkings in a Cyst then 2x10 and 2x5 can be good. But just 3x5 minimum is fine  

if you use Gutrot then 10 is probably the most you want to go with him as more will be unweildy on the board  

If you want to stack buffs on them and don’t have a cyst then 20 is good for the discount. 

Units of 5 are pretty effective in most lists with maybe one unit of 10. 

Its really up to you and what else you have in your army. There’s no optimal size for them. 

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I only really ever see units of 5 because you get the extra champion wound.

The only time I see units of 10 or more is if they are doing the ambush thing with the character that ambushes, or if they are relying on a spell to go off and want it to buff more than just five models.

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17 hours ago, Revan123 said:

I tried a unit of 20 of them. With buffs they are unkillable. But only one -1 to hit and they can't do anythings


Came here just to say this. I play Legion of Blood, so have Neferata giving everything within 15 inches of her -1 to hit, and can make that worse very quickly with magic etc. Not unique in being able to do that either, so for that reason I'd be wary of taking one block of twenty.

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On 10/5/2018 at 12:33 AM, AaronWIlson said:

5 Seems to be the way to go, one big blob of 10 if you're going to deep strike them etc. 

5-10 is the sweet spot. Make your opponent spread out their power to counter you.

20 is too easy to neuter with a debuff. I'd rather make them focus one unit. Even debuffed, they have the wounds and bravery to weather a lot of storms. 

5 is great to deep strike, if you fail the charge, no big deal. 10 is very hard to fit in the required area near Gutrot. It can be done, but its not easy. 

I always like a 10 pack, 5 pack  to hold objectives/ steal objectives, and a 5 pack with gutrot. 

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