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Wishlisting Thread

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The new KoS to be of the same quality as the other revamped Greater Daemons.

Realistically an AoS Kill Team equivalent, which then leads to a Mordheim expansion.

More fanciful wishlisting includes....

Sky Titans/Storm Giants. A Giants faction that draws it's influence from Greek Gods and/or the Jotuns of Norse myth. 

Bretonnians revamped as fallen knights of Abhorash.

Tweaking the Tomb Kings to become the Legion of Sacrement. Or some way for the old Necrosphinx to go back out into general release again.

Tyrion/Teclis' "light" elves to draw inspiration from the nuttiest Angelic imagery (go full Bayonetta on them). Burning wheels, cherub faced behemoths, singing winged faces...

Greenskins to be redone as junkers and/or steampunky. Some way to make Orks into Orruks.



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Ohhh I could list stuff for DAYS!

Daughters of Khaine:


1) A new breed of melusai. Perhaps as we've got ranged and a heavy close combat it could be a light close combat unit. I've the idea of it being armed with a pair of armoured claws much like the half claw that the Bloodwrack has. A pair of intricate and wicked looking armoured gloves with long slashing talons. 

2) A Hero that's unique, could be a mini-Morathi in that its half khinerai half melusai, but closer to their current model sizes rather than Morathi's huge form (and without her special head of tangled snake hair)

3) A Hound Mistress. A recreation of the old Dark Elf attack hounds, so a single mistress with a pack of hound animals (fantasy hounds and could even be shadow hound creatures). If expanded upon it could be like the beast mistress from the Dark Elves in that there are several creature addition options for her. 

4) Shadow beasts. In the early story Morathi is found surrounded by a pack of shadow animals/beasts so I'd love to see them appear. One option might be as an endless spell, but I'd rather see some appear as actual troop components for the army. 

5) Dedicated cavalry option. Either mounted atop the war horses that the doomfires are, or if they are female riders then atop some magical beast of some kind (as befits a superior female to go to war atop a more mighty animal than those ridden by lesser men in the doomfire warlock groups)

6) A dragon. I don't mind how but a brand new big dragon monster! I'll also accept smaller wyverns joining the khinerai in the skies! 

7) Siege weapons. A repeater bolt thrower; a shadow catapult; something grand and even more exotic that I've not thought of because I've not spent a whole two evenings reading up on ancient siege weapons. Something of their own so that they don't have to take that pesky stormcast option ;)

? Battleline khinerai - or at least khinerai that are not deployed from off the table and thus are a bit tougher or fewer in number and more elite. We get to have a snake army so give some grounding for a winged army or at least more wings! 

9) A mounted hyena-pegasus model! Because I'm seriously jealous that Stormcast get one (and like most stormcast mounts the size of the Stormcast warriors means that all the saddle and harness are far too big to look good with a daughter of khaine aelf converted atop)

No Alliance


Wild beasts of the Realms - a full expansion of wild beasts, some just current beasts without saddles and mounts; others dedicated new species including huge monsters. Some the kind that can be allied into Grand Alliances; others to be npc random monsters that roam the realms to battle against. To my mind this is an ideal avenue and area for Forgeworld to expand into. Giving a flavour of the magic of the realms that GW teases us with endlessly in the lore and writing  for Age of Sigmar 


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Not very original, but lets start with the return of the Tomb Kings and Plastic Chaos Dwarves.

More seriously, some sort of Golem army, with constructs of various sizes and purposes. So battleline clay golem troops, backed up by Iron and Stone Golems for heavier support. Golem Armoured artificer/engineer type characters. Cannon Golems for ranged attack, and some sort of super heavy artillery piece with an alternative build as a behemoth for the centre piece.

Elementals: An all wizard army which summons elemental Daemons of various types and sizes.

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Just a wanderers battletome


But I would also like new units for wanderers (doubtful I know but hey wishlisting)

Avatar of the hunt (like the eidolons)

Combat infantry with different fighting stances tied to kurnous

Beast master type unit (aelf on warhawk leading bears and wolves and big cats)

Stag mounted heroes.

Give wild riders a rend and the choice of giving up the rend if they take shields

Make a new unit that uses wild rider bodies, sisters of the thorn heads and javelins that is just a shooty light cav option

Give sisters of the watch a choice of double shots if stationary or -1 rend on shooting (to tie them to waywatchers more)

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For Death, I really want a faction based on Voodoo ("Who do ? You do ! Do what ? Remind me the babe") with Zombies, swamp' witches, etc.  and a Baron Samedi-vibe on Lords..

But mostly I want: 

-plastic Bloodknight on small sized ashigaroths/ giants bats (to be on par with Dracolines, Varanguard and the like)

-Vampire monks, small sized unit anti-horde, Ethereal low save with 2 hp. Not as bloodthirsty as their brethen, but focus on Nagash teachings for enlightment.

-Flesh golem (but not like Warcraft abomination, more "bulkier")

-Skeleton Harquebusier imbued with Shyish magic bolts

-Cerberus, leaders of wolf packs (big size)

-Vlad comeback

-Tomb kings as Legion of Sacrament/Legion of Blood part!


Also: I think there is a missed opportunity to not have put Hydra into DoK, Kharibdys into Idoneth, and Mortis Engine into Nighthaunt...but that's maybe just me.

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Darkoath! Bring back the classic bararian look! There are some indications that Darkoath will happen, the question is how GW can make them unique enough to trademark them. 

Another question is how to make Darkoath stand out from the other faction with half-naked barbarians (Khorne). 

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Expanded range of Spiderfang. New types of siders or insects.  

Ogroid Faction of priest types in Destruction. The Thaumaturges of Tzeentch are outcasts from the race. They worship an aspect of GorkaMorka as part of the cycle of rebirth.

Battletomes for Dispossessed, Spiderfang and Skaven united.  

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Mixed skaven battletome,

and it would be great to see some warlords on bonebracker Ratogres back with rules and a model, to represent them.

Plastic night/gutter runners.

pointdecrease for stormvermins and clanrats.


a plastic Arch warlock engineer.

plastic weapon teams.

a start collecting Clan verminus or mixed skaven.


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I want all the old armies to be good, like original Dwarves, all the Aelves, and stuff like that and to just get something fresh. Ogres, all the OG armies they just kind of broke and shoved under the table. 

The rest of Death that isn’t Nighthaunt (cough vampires cough) to get new plastic models and like for vampire armies to not be completely awful. 

Skaven and the other neglected Chaos factions model wise and like Battletome wise. 

Same as above with all of Destruction. Just make the Battletomes, bring out the high quality plastic kits, get all the armies in the game truly viable and powerful with no more resin, just clean nice plastic kits in the modern era. 

That’s all I want. 

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- flushed out human (alive and only slightly mutated) factions for all 4 GA's - thankfully at least chaos seams to get some in the near future. 

- Skaven as their own GA with different clans, that play vastly different. Keep and expant some of the specialised clans but introduce some new. 

- get rid of some of the WHFB factions, especially those with dated models. Elves could be re-imagined fusing dark and high elves to one Faction, keeping some of their aesthetics, same with the old dwarves. basically give them their own distinct culture, resulting form aeons of living side by side to humans in sigmars realm. or put simpler, make one dwarven and elvish "generic" neutral good faction each, that works willingly with basic humans/free people. Other Elves/dwarves/Humans as individual factions diverting from the good/white moral standpoint.

- Add dwarves and elves to other GAs. Elves worshipping nagash, in hopes to escape Slaanesh; Dwarfs in destruction, giving in on their anger and grudges, and similar. There are endless possibilities. 

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6 hours ago, Bohemond said:

Darkoath! Bring back the classic bararian look! There are some indications that Darkoath will happen, the question is how GW can make them unique enough to trademark them. 

Another question is how to make Darkoath stand out from the other faction with half-naked barbarians (Khorne). 

Would love to see Dark Oath riding war mammoths into battle.

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For Idoneth I'd love to see:

- Crabalry or some kind of crab/shelled unit

- "Tamed" Gilotán, Krakigon, Terrornight Medusa, Sithilopod and Carcinclaws 

- On foot ahkelian troops with a hero who is also on foot.

- An emabailor on foot or on clam mount like in The Learning short story along with some small beasties to synergise with the embailors abilities.

- Endless Spells, an easy choice for one of them could be a swarm of Voracuda/some other kind of fish

- That whale like monster on the cover of the Deepkin battletome hidden in the background

Basically some more variety other than ahkelian's riding eels or namarti.



There is a lot I'd want to see for Skaven so I'll break it up into the clans. First and foremost though is for the clans to be reunited again so everyone has access to clanrats with the option to play each clan separately.  


- New plague monk and plague censor bearer models

- Dual build kit for a named and plastic plague priest.

- Some kind of plague cauldron

- New units, it's a new setting I'm sure GW could just go nuts with it.


- Every metal and resin model replaced with glorious plastic 

- Boxes of acolytes 

- New crazy machinery and weapon teams, maybe even some flying machines. Why should the Kharadron have all the fun.

- A huge centerpiece war machine

- Named Archwarlock and plastic Archwalock kit. 

- New Warlock Engineer models with multiple weapon options.

- A new Skryre specific Verminlord, it seems like all the other clans are represented so why not


- Again every metal and resin model replaced with glorious plastic

- New units that really push the whole Frankenstein's monster thing they've got going

- Packmasters with all weapon options available. A mounted variant, possibly on a palanquin held up by slaves/rat orges

- Mini hellpit abomination style units

- Moulder Verminlord


- New nightrunners and Gutterrunners

- Deathrunner kit (that aren't in the Silver Tower box)

- Plastic Assassin kit

- Eshin Sorcerers

- Samurai-like units, more elite and heavily armoured with sword/spear and bow verstions

- Named Deathrunner, Assassin or Verminlord

- Units with different ninja weaponry like the kusarigama

- A new behemoth model


- Named warlord on mount with the option to build it as a generic version

- Deathvermin

- Updated Clanrat and Stormvermin models

- Cavalry, rats riding rats

- Heavily armed and armoured rat orges (also usable by clan Moulder)

- Catapults that throw slaves that are on fire


- Ability to count as whatever clan they're used in

- Beefed up Albino Stormvermin as battleline

- Skryre and Moulder Verminlords

- Verminlord Thanquol, with the old Thanquol and Boneripper model being made into a generic mounted grey seer.


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1) Cogforts and other smaller coggy human devices for cavalry, heroes, etc.

2) A giant Deepkin octopus

3) Crazy greenskin machines and creatures to launch themselves and ride

4) Dispossed mechanical golems (come on, we saw it!)

5) Any of those crazy new WF undead things we just saw in the video game teaser

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New Blood Knights, Vampire super Elite Infantry, Bats, bat swarms.



Kraken, Giant Crab/Lobster, Elite Akhelian Phalanx Infantry (Royal Guards?). Deep Sea endless Spells. A generic Version of Lotann.


Darkling Covens/Malerion:

a new Dragon that doesn’t look like a retarded dog..., heavily armoured Drakespawns (with and without Knights), the return of Infantry and mounted Dreadlords/Sorceresses, a Battletome combining Elfen Cults/Sinister Elfes.



rework of all models not being of the Ironbreakers/Longbeards Kit and giving all of them gromril armour while removing the horns on the helmets.


free people:

crazy new Warmachines, more Detailed fresh Infantry, a BT.


In General:

More new Horse(-like) Cavalry and an update if the horrendously bad Cav Warscrolls we have atm.




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OK, *cracks knuckles*, let's do this...

AoS Kill Team with a real emphasis on narrative campaigns - let's just get that out there for starters...

Couple of new human factions, ideally...

  • Not-Wakanda - Hidden in a magically protected valley in Ghur, the not at all blatant Black Panther army features heavy cavalry Armour-clad war Rhinoxes, light cavalry Zebrox riders, murderous bald women with magic halberds, that kind of thing.
  • Nu-Albion - One of my biggest peeves with GW is that for a British company our own myths and legends never got a huge look in. So a human'ish army based in Ghyran that draws heavily on British mythology and things like Slainé. Leader is an Arthur like figure, but in his more savage Celtic guise not the romance version. So maybe like Morathi, one model for his usual form, a big burly warrior who transforms into a giant horned bear (or could just ride the bear), then chuck in a Morgan Le Fay type wizard (perhaps half-human, half Sylvaneth), some druids, woad warriors, maybe a Boudica type hero on a chariot with a retinue of warrior women, a Green Knight character though again rather than the more chivalrous version revert to the more pagan Green Man archetype, and then to top it all off a giant wicker man, either acting like a headstone or it comes to life and is a giant flaming ******.

Legion style books that tie up all the small loose factions into larger groups, make them viable, make them interesting and relevant to AoS, give the people with those armies something to be happy about and stop complaining, and then move on to new things. Also just maybe 1 or 2 new units and characters per legion, just to give them something new, that provides more of an AoS identity and fills in the gaps some armies have. 

Mighty Empires back in some form, because I'm old and loved playing that when the first edition came out.

Also yeah a ship/airship based game too whilst we're at it.

Some good board games that have lots of repeat play value but and don't need countless expansion packs/models. some games like the old 'Fury of Dracula' set in AoS, which you can pull out at weekend and play through in 45 mins and hour.

AoS RPG (coming I know) but god I hope it's a success, fully supported and becomes integral to the lore. War-games are fun but RPGs are where you can really flesh out the world, plus the dark designs of Tzeentch and Slaanesh are much better represented through intrigue, plots and mystery than mass combat. Also hope that they do it as a low fantasy game in a high fantasy setting.

Vampire Crabs!

Undead seige engines!

Skeleton giants!

Duardin built Cog-people!

Baggage Trains!

The allegedly forthcoming Light Aelf/Dark Aelf forces to be totally batshit crazy and alien, winged horrors, mist golems, crystalline entities, shadow demons, prismatic paladins and giant diamond obelisks.

Introducing a rule where you have to declare where your unit is charging before you roll, and if you fail that roll you still have to move and get stuck in middle of nowhere with a -1 to save for that round if you get attacked. I feel like charging should carry with it an element of risk as well as reward and you can be punished if you fail it.

A couple of more rules for terrain, not in terms of scenery but things like marsh ground with a modifier to movement, difficulty crossing rivers etc. Make the game more tactical by making movement more tactical.

Just more terrain in general, or encourage people to stop waiting for official terrain and get building so battles take place in villages and towns, and again it's more about positioning and marshalling forces.

Which also brings me to larger tables, maybe it's just me but I'm sure when I last played (back in mists of time at early 3rd ed.) you might play a couple of rounds just moving to get troops into position, prepare flanking manoeuvres etc, now it just seems to be face up in two big lines and crash into each other round 1.

People being more open to making up their own rules, without requiring everything to be official.

A return to (or at least acknowledgement of) the hobby's anarchist, socialist, punk and outsider roots.

A beautiful coffee table art book of 80s GW artwork.

More GMs overseeing campaigns and games.

A magic paintbrush.

An extra day in the week.

That my parents hasn't thrown away all my boxed games when I went to university in '96.

Less angry people with weird sense of entitlement playing the game (he says having just nailed his 95 theses to the door of Warhammer World).

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Light Elves. Don't want to see them in eldritch horror style.

Kill Team for AoS or update to Skirmish.

Fyreslayers and DoK getting two or more kits. I'd like to see Fyreslayers getting an Aqshy wizard. 

Endless spells for DoK and Deepkin.

Start collecting boxes for DoK and Deepkin.

Mortal followers of Slaanesh, similar to Acolytes.

More AoS terrain.

AoS game in style of Total War.

Health and happiness. 

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Ordinary mortals. Something to make the realms feel more relatable that doesn't feel like using my 8th ed Empire army.

- Free cities armies containing a mix of humans, elves and dwarfs with sigmarite imagery and a cohesive aesthetic.

- Chaos followers who worship the Dark Gods in a similar fashion to the old norse factions from WFB or earth's old polytheistic religions - the gods may not be nice, but they're a fact of life. Actual civilisations rather than just generic baddies with oiled abs.

- Green tide style common orruks and grots with meatier background and updated minis.

- Devoted cultists of Nagash who see him, rather than Sigmar as the realms salvation and the undead as manifestations of his divine wrath, kinda like the Stormcast.

Outside of that I'd love to see both Slaanesh and Vampires given some love.

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Plastic Blood Knights and new warscroll for said blood knights to bring them back to how good they were in oldhammer.

Soulblight to get some love in general.

Abhorash! But not to be included in soulblight, have him and Gilles and some heavily reimagined form of Bretonians. Maybe have them as part of destruction too, as that would fit lore wise.

Bring back the shooting units for death that lived exclusively in  the Tomb King department.

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