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Tzaangors -- Tzeentch or Beasts of Chaos?


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Both are certainly powerful options. I think it just comes down to playstyles you prefer.

The way I see it is that Beasts of Chaos gives you a faster hitting army that is tougher. (and has access to battleline chaff) 

Tzeentch gives you access to better battalions and more reliability. You also can bring far more ranged threat and imo a better summoning mechanic.

I think regardless of what you do, though, make sure to run a Great Bray Shaman or two (because he is cheap and his spell is AMAZING, not to mention that bubble of +3" to move is beautiful) as well as the bull endless spell. 

I would also add in that DoT now involves a lot more work during the game. Keeping track of Destiny Dice, Command Points, Blue Horror Points, Brimstone Horror Points, and Fate Points can be daunting during a game. You can avoid some of it by just never summoning horrors but its still well above average in terms of mental upkeep from turn to turn. 

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i think BoC would be better, as you can use Tzaangors for summoning  purposes (cheapest and solid option is enlightened on foot) without additional expensive  boxes of various demons. Also you have plenty of spare parts like heads and weapons for BoC conversion.

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36 minutes ago, Pandamina said:

. Also you have plenty of spare parts like heads and weapons for BoC conversion.

I think that is the strongest point: just look which model collection you rather like. 

But if you want to go pure Tzaangors - you can simply run both rules sets depending on your mood. 


Personally I'm thinking about a Tzeentch themed BoC army based on Tzaangors but with some Bullgors too. I think that the chaos spawn theme of BoC (don't know the name) is a suitable Tzeentch theme. 

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