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High Elves Paint Scheme help

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Hi there! I’ve had quite a few random high elf models sitting around in my collection for ages and I’ve finally decided I need to put some paint to them. I love the models, but I’m having a lot of trouble coming up with a scheme for them. 

The trouble is, I’m really not a fan of the ‘standard’ blue and white scheme that you traditionally see on them. It’s not bad, I just don’t enjoy painting white and looking for something different. 

I also know my own weaknesses. I’m a fairly slow painter and my attention has been known to wander from project to project, so I need to have a fairly quick and simple paint scheme to be able to stick to it. In fact I often use the army painter quickshade brush on technique to speed up mass paint jobs. That style tends to lend itself to a more gritty and worn look than you tend to see on high elves. 

If any of you would have suggestions or links to a scheme that fits that criteria, I would love some help! Google tends to turn up 95% blue and white schemes. Thanks a bunch!

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I've not painted anything quite so quickly as a Stormcast. Spray gold, Reikland Wash, drybrush the gold layers. 

That could soon port over to Aelves. The gold is still very in theme, but use black or a dark cloth colour that takes less to highlight. 

If you have a theme, like Shyish or Ulgu Aelves, it'd work thematically as well. 

One bit of advice I would share is do not do none metallic armour. I've got purple lacquer plate armour on my Order Serpentis and my god does it take an age. 

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