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Expanding Warhammer Quest


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I still hold out hope that GW will continue with Warhammer Quest, but the development of the game is not wholly dependent on this. How do we, as fans of the game, continue to expand and develop it?

It seems the easiest way would be to let characters move from WQ to AoS or AoS Skirmish. If you've ever seen RealmQuest by Guerilla Miniature Games on YouTube, something like that could work too. This would have some advantages:

1. There are full game stats for every character

2. There are unlimited adversaries of every race

3. Any type of terrain could be incorporated

4. Heroes could take on small groups of followers/hirelings


It also has some challenges:

1. How to covert skills and magic items from WQ into AoS

2. Continued progression for characters and followers


I think this would work. Hammerhal is located in both Aqsha and Ghyr. A blasted Hallowheart board could accommodate adventures in either one. Additionally, the skyships that come and go (indeed, Vizrin Kyre's own skyship the Hel's Claw) could take the heroes further afield.


what do you all think?

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I don't have too much experience either but on the marketing side the Kill Team format is great.

Selling Smaller unified skirmish war-bands and a piece of appropriate terrain to open up the world from Warhammer Quest to Skirmish would be ideal.

The internal rules like Kill team uses, rather than the formula Skirmish uses to convert existing AOS profiles would solve a lot of the wonky stats that hinder some skirmish play.

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