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H: HUGE Stormcast army W: $$$


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Considering selling my Stormcast army to focus on other projects. All models have been assembled well and the army is ready to play right out of the box. Some models are painted in an above table top quality and the scheme is really easy to replicate. Here is what the army includes...

Celestant Prime 
5 Retributors 
5 Decimators 
11 Evocators (soul wars set x2, box set x1) 
30 Sequators(easy to build x1, box set x1, soul wars set x2)
10 Castigators
2 Ballista
4 Fulminators
Lord Castellant
Lord Celestant
Lord Ordinator
2 Lord Relictor
10 Judicators 
20 Liberators
6 Prosecutors
Knight Azyros
Knight Heraldor
Knight Vexillor
2 Knight Incantor
Lord Celestant on Dracoth
Stormcast Endless Spells
Stormcast Battle Tome(current)
Stormcast unit cards
Stormcast dice
Stormcast item cards(I printed off and cut little cards for all of the Stormcast items and command abilities so I could put them on my unit cards to remember their abilities easily)

Army is easily over 1k in value. I’m looking to get 650$ shipped in the US. 

Not interested in splitting.  

Pm me if you’re interested!

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