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Hey everyone!


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Hello! Still relatively new, first started with miniatures in Dec 2017 and pivoted almost exclusively towards AoS this summer with 2.0's launch.  Have really started following a lot of the new releases, lore, and wider world of AoS, so thought I'd take the plunge and join the forum here to take part, too!

Even being on the newer side, have already developed a bit of that hobby butterfly syndrome. First army is a fully built and maybe ~75% painted Nurgle Maggotkin army clocking in around 2500 points so far for a local FLGS league, but then more recently have been dabbling in Stormcast too, as a bit of a change of pace, since they're easy to start with various sets out there, and offered something different painting-wise rather than the endless blood, pus, and boils of Nurgle. Who knows when the next army siren call will strike again, though, haha.

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