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AoS 2 "Marauding Brayherd": Feedback welcome on 2000pt list


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While I'm still quite fond of the Thunderscorn, I am taking on the challenge of building an army that includes the Marauding Brayherd battalion. I look forward to constructive conversation on how to make it happen.

I am aware of the critiques leveled against this battalion. I share some of those concerns. It seems overpriced, especially compared to Desolating Beastherd and the God-specific battalions. It seems to functionally require the bulk of one's points to be dedicated to the battalion itself, leaving few points available for complimentary options the Beasts of Chaos list.

Then again, it's the Brayherd battalion and I want to see if the Brayherd can create something among themselves. Here's hoping!

So, the sole mechanic benefit of the Marauding Brayherd battalion is its +1 to charge rolls for ambushing units on the turn they ambush. As I read it, that means we must focus on how to best succeed at charges on the ambush, given the battalion's unit requirements and the Beasts of Chaos list. Yet, despite the latter's expansive potential via the Darkwalkers Greatfray, the former functionally limits us to Brayherd options.

+1 to charge rolls for ambushing units reduces our need from a nine to successfully charge (presuming one's ambushers are placed as close to enemy units as legal) to an eight. That is a real, if admittedly modest, change. Further options to reduce the required number do not seem readily available. Re-rolling failed charge rolls seems to be our only means to enhance the battalion's "charge on the ambush" focus. An eight with a re-roll has a solid chance of success.

I see two interesting options here:

* Tuskgor Chariots. These are often overlooked within Beasts of Chaos conversations, as they are unassuming, if workable, options. However, an innate re-rollable eight on the charge, with a total on the charge of ten attacks per model, is pretty solid. The fact that Tuskgor Chariots can form units, rather than only attack as single models which each require their own respective activation, is also attractive.

Allherd Greatfray. The Command Trait here is what matters. Deploy the general via ambush, charge at an eight, re-roll via Command Point if necessary... then, if successful, give all other ambushers within 18" a re-roll on their own charges. Fortunately, this Greatfray does have additional utility, too. The overall Greatfray ability is also helpful given multiple ambushers, the Command Ability could potentially add some other Beasts of Chaos fun to a Brayherd-centric army, and the artefact helps maximize an ambushing general's lethality.

Temper the above with an appreciation of the fact that ambush is not, by itself, a winning approach to strategy. This was the case even in earlier editions/games, when Kazrak was still around. A focus on ambushing as much as possible, simply for the sake of using the option, probably should not be the bulk of one's build concept.

A solid core of one's army, here meaning its elite and/or larger units, should still deploy normally. Ambush a lot, even a whole lot, but I think the critical units (massive regiments of Bestigor, for instance) should probably deploy normally. This is because a canny opponent can influence the useful of ambushing units via their own initial deployment, unnecessarily introducing an additional variable into an already tricky process. Conceiving of ambush as an enhancing option is probably best, positioning ambushing forces to supplement massive regiments of elite troops.

So, all this said, here's what I'm exploring as a competitive way forward for the Marauding Brayherd:


Allherd Greatfray from the Realm of Light (2000)


Marauding Brayherd (180)

Endless Spells

Prismatic Palisades (30)

Deployed Units

Great Bray-Shaman (100)

- Spell: Vicious Stranglethorns

x30 Bestigors (300)

x15 Centigors (240)

x10 #1 Ungor Raiders (80)

x10 #2 Ungor Raiders (80)

x10 #3 Ungor Raiders (80)

Ambushing Units 

Beastlord (90)

- Command Trait: Dominator

- Artefact: Blade of the Desecrator

Great Bray-Shaman (100)

- Spell: Tendrils of Atrophy

- Artefact: Brayblast Trumpet

x4 Tuskgor Chariots (240)

x20 #1 Gors (160)

- Paired Gor Blades

x20 #2 Gors (160)

- Paired Gor Blades

x20 #3 Gors (160)

- Paired Gor Blades


Deploy the Centigors and Bestigors within range of the deployed Great Bray-Shaman's "Infuse with Bestial Vigor" ability. This will ensure the Bestigors move at least 10"+d6 and the Centigors move at least 18"+d6. The Centigors can likely charge in the first turn, hopefully supplementing an ambushing unit, while the Bestigors can move forward to threaten the board from its center. Ungor Raiders can maneuver to hold backfield objectives, while one unit stays near the Herdstone with the deployed Great Bray-Shaman to fuel Primordial Call support.

Ambushing units can be spread out a bit, as the 18" range of both the Dominator Command Trait and the Brayblast Trumpet Artefact of Power is fairly expansive.  Charge with the Beastlord first, using a Command Point if necessary, to hopefully benefit from the Dominator Command Trait. Consider attacking a unit with lots of figures, to maximize the Beastlord's Blade of the Desecrator. It might even be possible to get kills from the Beastlord in the combat phase to make his innate Command Ability become available. If so, consider using it to make the (hopefully successful) charge of the Tuskgor Chariots result in potentially forty attacks that re-roll wounds (before factoring in the bonus from the Brayblast Trumpet).

So, what do you think? Please share. I look forward to the conversation!

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So, first answer Dracothjay's question, the "Marauding Brayherd" battalion requires four units drawn from some combination of either Ungors, Ungor Raiders, or Centigors. So, I run one unit of 15 Centigors, and make up the rest of that requirement via the other alternatives.

That said, I think I'm going to knock one of the Ungor Raider units down to being simply Ungors. That unit is intended for sacrifice to the Primordial Call mechanic. Making this change nets me 20 points back.

I want this because I'm thinking about reorganizing the three Gor units that the battalion requires. Presently, as above, I field three units of 20 Gor. I think I will change this to two units of 30 and a single unit of 10. I can afford this change by spending the 20 points from above and the 80 points gained by dropping my third Gor unit to 10.

I think this change is necessary because Gor are not that powerful except in large numbers. Being able to ambush two massive regiments of them, still armed with two weapons, might help increase their lethality. Meanwhile, the reorganized unit of 10 Gor is armed with shields and sent either to grab an objective in my opponent's backfield, or tasked with miring down warmachine and other ranged threats.

What do you think of these changes? Do my answers help address stated concerns?


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Yellow Sign, the Cogs aren't included purely due to point limitations. I simply don't have the space, at least as I see it. Gors need massive units to be effective. Centigors likewise need more than ten models in the unit to be anything more than a mere distraction.

At 60 points, the Cogs (like the Dirgehorn) are a wonderful potential purchase that currently is simply too costly.

I did, however, find room for the Balewind Vortex. My thanks to Decker for drawing my attention back to that Endless Spell.

At 40 points, Balewind Vortex became affordable after I knocked the two Raider units down to simply being Ungors. Those units are intended to claim backfield objectives, so no great loss. Meanwhile, the Balewind Vortex's buff, adding 6" to the range of its Wizard's spells and permitting an extra spell once per turn, brings the Great Bray-Shaman stationed at my Herdstone back into the fight.

Overall, this army list still hopes to go first and, being a one drop, has a shot at such. The Brayherd Ambush units seek an eight on their re-rollable charge rolls, while the Centigor unit also have a strong possibility of a first turn charge. With these recent changes, the Balewind Vortex now also creates the possibility (should casting go well) of a first turn Bestigor massive regiment charge via a Balewind Vortx-Devolve combination.

It's all a lot of moving parts (no pun intended). Also, casting does need to go well. Yet, this army list seems to have a somewhat dependable-ish way of getting all its main combat units in reasonable, re-rollable charge range first turn. Such frees up the two (non-Primordial Call bound) Ungor units and the small Gor unit to claim, and hopefully hold, objectives, all from turn one onward.

Here's the most recent build:

Allegiance: Beasts Of Chaos
- Greatfray: Allherd
Mortal Realm: Hysh

Beastlord (90)
- General
- Trait: Dominator 
- Artefact: Blade of the Desecrator 
Great Bray Shaman (100)
- Artefact: Brayblast Trumpet 
- Lore of the Twisted Wilds: Tendrils of Atrophy
Great Bray Shaman (100)
- Lore of the Twisted Wilds: Wild Rampage

30 x Bestigors (300)
30 x Gors (210)
- Two Gor-Blades
30 x Gors (210)
- Two Gor-Blades
10 x Gors (80)
- Gor-Blades & Beastshields
10 x Ungors (60)
- Mauls & Half-Shields
10 x Ungors (60)
- Mauls & Half-Shields
10 x Ungors (60)
- Mauls & Half-Shields

15 x Centigors (240)
4 x Tuskgor Chariots (240)

Marauding Brayherd (180)

Endless Spells
Balewind Vortex (40)
Prismatic Palisade (30)

Total: 2000 / 2000
Extra Command Points: 1
Allies: 0 / 400
Wounds: 199

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Personally I would still go the cogs and drop palisade and vortex.

If successfully cast it takes your ambush charge from 66% likelyhood to 92% (taking into account refills)

Plus more likely to get a 1st turn charge with your Bestigors from deployment too

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Running and charging is the Breyherds forte. Personally I run cogs in every list because of that. Balewind has its benefits for the Shamans and Pallisade is an excellent as a road block spell but the cogs benefit the entire army more then it does the opponents. 

Now if we could only get our Bullgors to run and charge....They are BULLS for crying out loud!!!

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