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Hobby Pledges! Share yours


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This is NOT new years resolutions. It's not only the wrong time of year, but by default most people forget them after the second or third day of the new year and never keep them going. So these are pledges which are far more successful* because not only should we share what we hope to achieve, but also how we might get there, or to ask and share ideas on how one can get there. 

My Own

1) To reduce the number of boxes/on sprue models I own (across all ranges) from now to this time next year (ish). I thought about building more before I buy more and all those other tricks, but they don't work. It's always easier and quicker to buy than build; and hobby money left unspent one month can easily be spent on essentials the next. Plus there's always limited editions or awesome models that come out or that one model that will finish that unit or army or group off. 
So I figured keep it simple, don't aim to not buy, just aim to reduce the pile of unfinished by this time next year. To reduce the pile, but be willing and able to add to it. By aiming to reduce owned boxes/sprues this also includes selling off old stuff or stuff that I've now not got any use for. So by any means reduce the boxbloat!

2) To complete my Daughters of Khaine Army plans** within 2019 to at least an assembled state. Painted would be an outstanding achievement; so for now I'm going to focus on building again. For me this is about actually setting out and finishing an army within a reasonable span of time. I'm far too apt to start and then chase something new a part way into an army project, which then gets shelved and instead of being built up; adds to the pile of unbuilt stuff. So again I want to achieve this for myself. 

3) Paint one unit (30) of basic troops. Another personal target and as I'm a very much " non painter " in general (lazy and lacking understanding/skill/practice) this is yet more a thing to achieve to prove it to myself; but also to get toward finishing an army in more than just plastic sprayed white. 


*Success is not guaranteed. No refunds can be given after date of pledging. 

** linking for info because its there, certainly not click hunting in the least 

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My current goal is to finish Alarielle and at least one unit of Kurnoth Hunters in time for a big game I have planned on the 26th, I've owned the models for a long time but never got round to painting them.

As for long term pledges, I'm terrible at coming up with ideas, starting them, and then abandoning them for new ones. As such I want to get better planning and following through. My current goal is to expand my Slyvaneth into a Living City idea that would also spawn a Vanguard chamber Stormcast army. I also need to expand my Deepkin to 2000pts.

For now I'm thinking of getting the Stormcast elements (mostly through the battleforce) so that I can play an 1000pt game with them and then wait until December to see if they release a Deepkin battleforce as well as to see what's inside. Once the battleforces have been announced I think I'll sit down and plan things more strictly.

If possible I'd like to have all three forces collected by this time next year with as little deviation into new ideas as possible.

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     My kids told me I was going and buying models way to often (weekely at a minimum). So I made an agreement with them and myself to paint two units per new unit I build, and to build two units per unit I buy... I’m already regretting this decision as it’s placed me way behind on the “shiny new” I wanna buy.

     But on the bright side I figured out going back and “modifying” the minis I’ve already built don’t count as they aren’t new. So I’ve been clipping the wings and heads off of prosecutors to replace and modify this evening. 

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Over the next few months, I will be

Playing in (and probably losing) the final of my local GW AoS store champion tournament.

Running a narrative slow grow AoS campaign with a handful of players from my local club.

Painting up a small Idoneth Deepkin army for said campaign. Really taking my time on this as they are a painters army ?

Sticking to the notes I made of buying and painting order that are on my phone. Having my list of what I need on my phone has been a godsend for controlling random purchases. I just check my list and put down the shiny thing that I don't need to complete the current project.

Limiting buying new units to every 2 or 3 units painted.

Give water bases a go.

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It's quite some time now (a year-ish, I think, probably something more) that I stick -with very few exceptions- to the resolution "don't buy it if you're not actively playing that game/faction". Doesn't matter the discount. I have stuff I have bought "because the offer was too good" still unassembled that in the meantime has got a better  resculpt - that I will want to buy once that the game/faction will hit the table, of course (Deathjack's just the first one that comes to mind).
Too many boxes of -name the game-  unassembled, unpainted, unplayed.
Seems to work, for now. Best of all, it works in two ways: it saves me money and space, AND helps keeping me focused on current projects.

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Since starting tournaments with Heat 3, with a ally heavy seraphon list, then going to Throne Of Skulls with a full Seraphon list instead. I decided I was going to try and have fielded every option at least once for Seraphon by the time of Heat 3 2019, Possibly going to that with a different faction entirely, or even taking the same list to see if I can do better (Unlikely I'll do this, it was a meh list in hindsight haha).

So I'm currently just a few big models including the dread saurian and saurus warriors and knights away from having everything.

I'm also considering when that is done to completely halt buying anything new, and get this army up to a higher painting standard with washes and highlights than it is now, whilst also clearing a lot of debt, but still going to as many tournaments as possible.

Rather good that I like all of Seraphon else I don't think I could attempt such ideas. 

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